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Post by delirium

So hot in computer lab. Stop.

Do not know if I can make it out of here alive. Stop.

Woke up this morning freezing to death. Stop.

Rapid weather changes likely to fuck me up but good. Stop.

Please demand something from me for my 12 Days Ficathon. Stop.

Cards are now over. Will be sending the first batch out tomorrow hopefully. Stop.

shoebox_project has unexpectedly fucked my shit up but good because sometimes foreshadowing does make a person bummed out even in the midst of the warm glow of Marauders era fanfic. And as I'm stuck in the middle of rereading* OotP, yeesh. Stop.

Sirius and Remus are so a couple in OotP. "You should hear Remus talk about her." OMG So Canon!

The fact that it is purposely mentioned that although Lupin was gone for long periods of time, he was living in the house with Sirius. Dude.


* Start: ETA to avoid confusion
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