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Lost Thoughts and Ramblings

So a LotR shout out with former Hobbit Charlie again leaving a trail for others to find? Well, I chuckled gleefully, although clearly Jack is no Aragorn - he only thinks he is. He's like Frodo, only book-Frodo, with more annoyingness.

Actually, I don't dislike Jack too much. It's just...groan, when he's with Kate? Oh so annoying.

And way to go Kate, pointlessly saying "but Sayid's leg..." while everyone's trying to figure out what's going on with Ethan and Charlie and Claire. How about you fucking step up and take care of Sayid then?

Oh right. You have to complain because your evil creators told you to. Whatevah.

May I just say that any geek would identify Spock as Spock and not 'pointy ears'? Man, Boone can't even geek out properly, even though I loved the red-shirt discussion. And Locke deciding that a leader that let others die was a 'piss-poor captain.'

So Jack sucks then. Because only the MYSTERIOUS ISLAND OF MYSTERY saved Charlie. Hmm is he now 'infected'? Does he possess otherness? Questions, questions, and no real answers.

It was an incredibly creepy scene though. I was sure he was dead, but hoping against hope, and then he breathed, and damn, I hope there are consequences/badness because of it. Or maybe Locke's role as a guide already affected Charlie, and the Island shall keep him for as long as it desires.


Who thinks the psychic totally set Claire up to be taken in situation where "They" will try to raise her baby? Man, don't fuck with fate.

Walt had a stepdad? Hmmm. His mom died, his stepdad didn't try to adopt him when he married Walt's mom (which would probably be easy if Michael wasn't even around the kid while Walt's mom had full legal and physical custody)? Michael still had custody rights but never visited him? We so need a flashback ep.

Hurley's warrior comment totally means he was into D&D. Although Locke only played war games before he became "The Hunter" so who knows what can happen on THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND OF MYSTERIES. Hurley for The Grotto Governor.

I did like the Sayid and Sawyer scene. Because SAYID! Love. And I was surprised it went as it did - it was quite well-written and the actors pulled it off - it was - dare I say it? - not cliched and didn't fall back on "Macho men HATING each other" or a fight, it was pretty damn awesome.

And then my dad commented, "Oh they're so going to be butt buddies." (My dad can be an asshat, but he means well.)

I died laughing because, heh. Coming from the dude who freaked when he saw my laptop wallpaper of Thewlis and Oldman, a fantastic manip of Remus/Sirius-y goodness done by the lovley mistress_mab. I did not explain slash to him, but I did say, "Oh, but two chicks together are hott?" And he replied, "You're a fag hag."

I totally should have answered, "And how!"

Wait I was talking about Lost. Anyways. Yeah. Good ep if a little rambling and dammit, Jack bugged.

But the ending! OMG noooo! Damnit, I needs to know what's in the metal floor!
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