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So I had a dream last night about John Crichton on Stargate SG1, which is impressive considering I've never seen an ep of Stargate.

Not Ben Browder, mind you, it was John Crichton joining the cast, which is again pretty impressive considering I've only seen like pictures of the actors on that show.

Jesus. Fuuuucked up. John's plan wasn't right (oh, well, that's normal for him, but even my dream conscious was pissed off that everyone else was so smug that he wasn't right, which okay, is not Cool), Aeryn was apparently dead, and then the big reveal that John was dead as well and had died after a long life and was apparently re-animated to go work on Stargate.

And then he came across Claudia Black, a dead ringer of Aeryn, obviously, got confused, and Angsted, because he does it so pretty.

And where, my dreamself wondered, was baby!D'Argo? C'mon, you just know he's all growed up and will score at least a trilogy of eps.

And now I think, holy shit, was I dreaming plots? Why the hell can my mind dream up plots, but I suck at writing them?

Why the hell was John's plan so bad, seriously, he's been through it a thousand times, and why was he not really angry about learning that he and Aeryn lived a long life and they brought him back anyways?

I blame my brain.

I had another dream about going to an outside cafe with my mom and grandma and trying to convince them to check out the terminal to the JKR AirTrain in Jamaica, but they said it was too far (the cafe was IN the Jamaica train station), so we didn't go, and I really have boring-to-cracked-out dreams, and sometimes, vice-versa.

ETA: But none of this matters because HP and the Half-Blood Prince comes out July 16th! Huzzah!
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