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God, I forget how much sugar highs fucking rock.

I don't usually eat a lot of high-sugar foods. I've had dulce de leche ice cream tonight. Dulce de Leche is like the queen of all ice creams.

You got Vanilla and Chocolate ho'ing it out in a room, being all "oh, I'm the best, you're just a bland retread," and then Dulce walks in and is all, "try it on me, bitch!"

And then a catfight proceeds and Dulce de Leche, in high heeled boots and leatherpants is declared the winner. Huzzah.

(I may reread this post as the breaking point of my sanity. Oh sanity, I don't miss thee.)

Life is of the good right now. I am suspicious.

Goin' into the city tomorrow, at Da Frick Collection. I love that musuem. I can give *tours* at that musuem.

"Aiight, this right here? Is some messed up shit. By Goya. Frellin' nuts, yo. Hung up some messed up painting he did during his 'dark' phase. Wouldn't want to piss that dude off."

Goat signs! Bwa ha ha!

Sorry, that was random. Hee.

Have you seen my goat? Please call me if you find one goat, goes by the name of Lucky.

The Flax is on right now. I love Farscape. John and Aeryn really needed an episode where they just fucked a lot. Meltdown was close, but not enough. They are just. so. hot.

I should be working on my btvs/ats fic. But I'm not.

AtS was okay, but a little slow, at least for me. But I cared about Angel. That's weird. I haven't felt like that since, oh, early S3, although the opening ep of S4 was awesome.

DB is looking really hot again. I am extremely vain. AD is fuckable, as always. And *damn* does the boy shine, acting-wise. Say all you want about JM (often a fine actor, these past two seasons, not as much in my opinion), but it's AD for me. He's fantastic.

(minor non-spoiler reactions)
6....screw it...

Gina Torres has a very pretty smile. But I watched Xena, so I'm all, "Woo...evil pirate queen gettin' some revenge!"

Connor is really, really messed up. I do not object to this.

Wesley. Mmm. Wesley.

That is all.

Goats for sale!
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