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the first day of a new year

Okay raelala and starstillwonder are very awesome and neat. And Rae totally helped my pathetic ass when I got lost on the L.I.E. And OMG! I went on an expressway! Skeery!

Plus I got to see Velvet Goldmine and the Eddie Izzard special Circle, so yeah, getting freaked out on the expressway was totally worth it.

What sucked was that my phone decided to spazz out and I couldn't call anybody! No mocking poor jennem by asking her if she was sleeping. No Narbunny. No Happy Near Year wishes to all my favorite peeps.

I got through to my dad for about five seconds. And because I didn't staple a note on their heads that I was going to be back the next day, and not in the middle of the night, my parents called many, many times on my cell, with some amusing threatening voicemails. I even tried to call them on Rae's homephone and it didn't go through. It was very WTFeth.

I was able to call them when I woke up today, and explain I'd be home 'soon' but soon sorta stretched into quite a few hours of quality hanging about time, until Rae took pity on me and helped send me on my way home, and I did not get lost, which was very nice indeed. And yeah, I so did not do the L.I.E. again, because they will KEEL you dead and my car has about six months left on it, at the most, because the transmission is dying.

Which means my New Year's Resolution is to get a job.

Er, so...yeah. That's about it.

Hi. ;-)
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