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I was a taller girl too, once.

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Texas, videos, and lies

Still in Texas-land. Which remains way too big for my tastes. Where are the buildings? The sudden bouts of claustophobia?

But there are teh lovely chicas here, even though jennem LIESSSS and totally didn't tell us there was a zoo. Of course we'll go to a zoo. Jennem is a lobster. ;-P

We watched Shaun of the Dead last night, which I've already seen and still love. And then King Arthur which suuuuuucked hardcore. Lancelot was so NOT teh sexor, Arthur was hot (because he's Clive Owen) and Keira was in the movie for about five minutes. Very dissapointing. Maybe it was the director's cut, but DAMN the movie never ended. Holeee motherfrelling hezmana.

I do flove Jenny though, for she made pancakes and they were good. We're going to the mall today because we're total girls.

*waves from Texas*
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