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happiness is a

Oh, I'm happy. Happy is a nice cuddly warm feeling to have after my bitchitude today, for the flight while almost really nice, sucked because everytime I almost fell asleep, I'd wake up again, which is not fun at all.

So I slept on and off today, while getting bothering by my family when trying to catch up on must needed sleep.

And my sister K is soooo dead because she was told to do one thing before I came back and she didn't do it.

But I'm happy because I read some loverly fic and I totally owe franticbabbles feedback when I'm less !!!!!! <3

Because that's just dorky.

So yes, back in the good olde York of the New. No longer in Texasland, which is interesting, but in many ways just too big. It...throws me off. And they don't have Perdue chicken. That's like...John Crichton's reaction to "but they do NOT have chocolate" when he's relating his adventures in the UT in A Human Reaction.

I have so much RL crap to contend with tomorrow morning: bitching out my insurance company, calling up my credit card company because I was charged twice on something and need to get it fixed, jury duty quesitionare, job-hunting, book-buying, and holy fucking hell school next Wednesday.

But I'm happy for the moment. I'm really going to miss hanging out with jennem because Jenn is teh awesome and she needs to totally come to NY. I'll personally take her to a supermarket to see the wonders of Perdue chicken.

And mah other chicas, dawnydiesel, eleniangel, and gatorjen, we totally need to plan another trip in the future, because I luff you all. I of course don't include the bunny nariya for I can always stalkhang out with her.

Oh, and Lost? Heh, sometimes the vibes are indeed correct.

And Locke! <3

Mercutio! <3

Sayid remains teh love (but please borrow a nail clipper)

and major <3 to Hurley, because he is so quotable.

And Sun fascinates me.

Seriously, I need to do something this weekend. Maybe going into the city, anything, for I know school shall be sucking out my soul very, very shortly.
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