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Golden Globe Awards

Morning with the Cuppy, we made eggs, bacon, and had orange juice (which, heh, we did NOT make).

Apparently Johnny Depp was wearing SPATS. He is awesome. And supposedly the facial hair is for PotC 2, so yay, Captain Jack!


Best Movie - Drama
The Aviator.

I adored Finding Neverland, but I was also rooting for Hotel Rwanda (which I'm going to see this weekend most likely). I have no desire to Millon Dollar Baby because Hillary Swank bugs me in the many movies/tv movies I've seen her in and there's nothing that excites me less that "a film by Clint Eastwood." My parents saw The Aviator and really enjoyed it, but I have no feeling on it either way.

Best Actor - Movie (Drama)
Leonardo DiCaprio, The Aviator.

Y'all know I was rooting for Johnny and he is incredible in FN. Don Cheadle's damn kick ass as well and I'll probably be rooting for him a bit more than Jamie Foxx if he's nominated for an Oscar, mostly because Jamie can annoy the fuck out of me and I sort of question whether an imitation of a person is a sign of teh best acting of the year/award season ever!!!111 or if a nuanced, compelling performance that goes beyond just the imitation of a person/character is a sign of a better acting job. That and Jamie Foxx seems a little gloaty mcgloaterson and it's going to be boring if he wins an Oscar, much like Sean Fucking Penn (can you tell I'm not a fan of Sean Penn?) when he won last year over Bill Murray (who was easily better in the 'role of a lifetime') and Johnny Depp (who is Johnny Depp and I really wanted the Oscars to be daring and give it to him for his role as Captain Jack). But I think Leonardo's done a hell of a job lately in his 'later' roles and he's certainly a very good actor, so good on him.

Best Actress - Movie (Drama)
Hilary Swank, Million Dollar Baby.

Uma winning would be pretty sweet, but meh, whatever. Hilary has a lot of 'sameness' in her character portrayals which annoys me quite a bit.

Best Movie (Musical or Comedy)

Eh, I haven't seen it and the descriptions of it being like a "fine wine" are really fucking annoying. It seems like several people of my flist were majorly underwhelmed and honestly, I have no desire to watch a movie about people drinking wine and being asshats. But Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind wuz robbed! Although no way in hell is it a comedy, I mean, the ending isn't exactly what I'd call 'happy' and while there are funny moments, they're more 'funny-sweet' moments.

Best Actor - Movie (Musical or Comedy)
Jamie Foxx, Ray.

I was honestly pulling for Jim Carrey, although his role isn't in a comedy for Eternal Sunshine, and he kicked ass as Joel, playing it very understated and just so painfully. But I would have been happy with Paul Giamatti winning because he really deserved at least an Oscar nod for American Splendor, wherein he was amazing. Although I have no desire to see Sideways, I'm sure he's very good. And I've already said my piece about smuggy mcsmuggerson.

Best Actress - Movie (Musical or Comedy)
Annette Bening, Being Julia.

Kate Winslet deserved this sooooo much more. Annette's 'acting' in this movie blowz. Her acceptance speech was an asshat's delight. I mean, Kate's easily the 'best actress of her generation' and she needs some love - even though it was clear that everyone applauded her so much more when her name was announced than Annette. Heh. And a Hilary v. Annette oscar showdown is going to make me weep because they are both so very meh with the acting talent, where Kate is just incredible.

*fangirls Kate*

Best Supporting Actor - Movie
Clive Owen, Closer.

Clive is hot, but he was in King Arthur, which is one of the worst fucking movies ever. His speech was gracious though, so yay to that. I wouldn't mind David Carradine winning, because he was very awesome in Kill Bill Volume 2 or Morgan Freeman, who is of course, awesome, even if he is in a Clint Eastwood movie (which tend to make me go zzzzzzzz).

Best Supporting Actress - Movie
Natalie Portman, Closer.

I'll be honest and say I was rooting for Cate because I love her muchly, but I thought Natalie was sweet, even though she um, she should have picked a different dress.

Best Foreign Language Film
The Sea Inside - Spain.

This movie looks pretty interesting, so sure, why not.

Best Director
Clint Eastwood, Million Dollar Baby.


*wakes up* Martin is going to bawl like a baby if he doesn't win an Oscar. I mean, he lost to Kevin Costner for god's sake, that must hurt.

Screenplay - Movie
Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor, Sideways.

Seriously, what the fuck? No love for Charlie Kaufman and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind? A brilliant screenplay that just completely rocks? Well, at least Sideways will have to be nominated for best adapted, so Kaufman has a shot for best original at the Oscars.

Original Score - Movie
Howard Shore, The Aviator.

Howard Shore is th fucking man. And his speech was pretty damn cool.

Original Song - Movie
Old Habits Die Hard, Alfie.

God I hate everything about the Rolling Stones, except for that fact that Johnny Depp created Captain Jack Sparrow because of the immortal Keith Richards. That's all I like about them. Whatever, Jagger. Oh, and that one song by them. I liked that. No, not that one. The other one.


Best TV Series (Drama)

Deadwood is really, really amazing, but Nip/Tuck winning IS pretty awesome and I loved this season. (And not just because of a three-way between our two male leads, ahem). I'm actually glad </i>Lost</i> didn't win, because it just isn't there yet.

Best Actor - TV (Drama)
Ian McShane, Deadwood.

Julian winning would be nice, but I was pulling for Ian. Who is an incredible fucking cocksucker on that motherfucking cocksucker of a show, </i>Deadwood</i>. You think I'm cursing too much - that's like a profanity-lite episdoe of Deadwood. And he mentioned Timothy Olyphant (who really is the hero of the show), who is so fucking hot, even with the mustache. Ian completely rocks as Al Swearingen (and that's his actual name, he was based on a real person), and he's part of the reason why I got hooked. He's terrifying, and I mean that in a good way. He's second only to Scorpius on the List of "Most Terrifying And Compelling Villians Ever."

Best Actress - TV (Drama)
Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: Special Victims' Unit.

Meh. Joely or Edie winning I'd be happy with, although Joely can be very hit and miss. I am just so, so happy that Jennifer Garner didn't win. And that her movie bombed.

Best TV Series (Comedy Or Musical)
Desperate Housewives.

Well, er, I don't consider it exactly a comedy, but okay then. Arrested Development is so much better, but there are only dozens of us (dozens!) who watch it.

Best Actor - TV (Comedy Or Musical)
Jason Bateman, Arrested Development.

I'd be gleeful if Zach won, happy if Larry David won (because I adore Curb Your Enthusiam), but I'm frelling bursting with joy that Jason won because he's awwwwwwesome. Jason! Squee! He's the best straight man and just perfect on that show.

Best Actress - TV (Comedy or Musical)
Teri Hatcher, Desperate Housewives.

Yay for no win for Sarah Jessica Parker (because that was getting tired) and although I was pulling for Marcia Cross because she rocks as Bree (and she looked fab), Teri's speech was so heartful and honest - who else would admit to being a has-been and truly having an amazing stroke of luck with DH? So yay, Teri. And her performance is the most comedic of all the ladies. And Eva wasn't nominated, for those curious, because she blowz.

Mini-Series or TV Movie
The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers.

I enjoyed Something the Lord Made, but it moved very slow, pacing-wise, and was more about the performances. Iron Jawed Angels bugged the shit out of me. While </i>Peter Sellers</i> was flawed, I really did enjoy it.

Best Actor - TV (Mini-Series or TV Movie)
Geoffrey Rush, The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers.

Geoffrey was awesome, although I was rooting for Mos Def, because he's an incredible actor. I really do hope he rocks the fucking house in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (he's playing Ford Prefect).

Best Actress - TV (Mini-Series or TV Movie)
Glenn Close, The Lion In Winter.

Hilary didn't win for her mehness. Glenn Close is a great actress, although I didn't see The Lion in Winter, so yay (?) for her.

Best Supporting Actor - TV (Mini-Series or TV Movie)
William Shatner, Boston Legal.

Well, okay then. I personally feel that Michael Imperioli got robbed, for he is amazing, but okay then.

Best Supporting Actress - TV (Mini-Series or TV Movie)
Anjelica Huston, Iron Jawed Angels.

Eh. I didn't enjoy this movie and Anjelica was good, but her performance was forgettable as the bitchy woman in way of poor Alice Paul and her amazingly awesome ideas of getting women the vote, but she can't, because OMG Anjelica is teh mean!!!111 Yes, I was rooting for Drea De Matteo, mostly because I'm sure she was nominated for Long Term Parking, which is just an incredible episode and one of the best character exits done on the show next to Sympathy for the Devil (no, that other Rolling Stone song).
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