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So I had two whole days of classes this week. Truly, I am the laziest person ever. This is mostly because omg, I am living like a hermit. A hermit, I tell ye.

My schedule, as follows:


Art of Imperial Rome
Advanced Poetry
Art of Rubens and Rembrandt
Contemporary Art


Art History Seminar: Portraiture (4:15-6:30, ick)


Art of Imperial Rome
Advanced Poetry
Art of Rubens and Rembrandt
Contemporary Art

If you notice the art-heavy slant, it's a sign that I'm trying to ensure I can graduate with a double major. I finished all my English major requirements back in junior year. I'm mostly taking Advanced Poetry to fulfill my credit requirements this semester. I do like the teacher, but I SUCK at the technicalities of writing (heh, that's really sad for a writer to admit). Like grammar? I know what works, but I don't know the terminology for it. So talking about iambic pentameter? Like, I know what it is, but I don't really go all crazy trying to make sure the poetry fits exactly into it - so this is going to be a hard class, but hopefully interesting.

I've had the professor before, and while it's a class that's mostly done over the internets with regard to assignments, her classes tend to be good so long as there are several people in the class willing to discuss - because she's a bit of a rambler. In a good way, although she'll sometimes get a little too invested in whatever she's talking about.

The only thing that truly sucks is that she has TONS of books required/requested/suggested/implied for the course and dude. I do not have the money. At ALL. But I did get an A in her Milton class and I never bothered to buy the Riverside Milton - I'd just use library copies for the poetry, and I found it much easier, because unlike the other students, I never talked about what the footnotes were saying about Milton - I wrote about and discussed Milton and Milton's ideas. It was a bit more freeing in a way.

But I dunno, I'm just going to have to see whether or not I'll need to get all these INSANELY priced books.

Imperial Rome is just something I wanted to study, because I usually study it in conjunction with the art of Greece, so I'd like to see it without the Greece-heavy slant.

The Art of Rubens and Rembrandt is something I've kinda studied before, but what's really neat is that there's an exhibition of Rubens' drawings at the Met, so that means a trip to the Met. Yay.

Contemporary Art is my nemesis. I really, truly, completely, utterly, without any pretension DESPISE modern art. Oh, there are some I do enjoy, mostly the 'earlier' artists such as Dali or Picasso. But seriously - I'm taking this because you need to do a modern section. So bah. I'll do it. Although the beginning of the class is going to be awesome, because we'll be talking about how exactly modern art came to be - which means discussions of the French Academy of Arts, the Romantic period, the Impressionists - fun stuff. And in the first class, we briefly touched on my ultimate nemesis - Nicholas Poussian (I don't care that I'm spelling his name wrong for HATE). Oh. His art. It burnsssss. Soulless art, y'all. SOULLESS.

I had to take another art seminar (I adored the philosophy and criticism of art class - even though every frikkin' class ended late) - so Portraiture it is! Eh. All I can say is that the book we had to buy is relatively inexpensive.

Okay, I'm still a little pissed that I wasn't able to get another T/R schedule because I needed to take an art seminar.

Oh, you're so bored right now. You want mansexing and dirtywrongsnogging and other Interesting Things.

Well it's all because of snow. Yes, snow. Argh, I'm going to have to do so much shoveling during my TIME o' the month. Ick.

I'm going to have get some more layers and ignore my responsibilities for a while and write some smut. That'll make me feel better. Maybe.

No, it won't because my fucking computer froze again and I lost my fic. Motherfrelling wonderful. Now I have to start from scratch.

Hurm, I'd rather go make some lovely beer cheese soup.
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