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winter is a trochee

Which means my first idea for a Sapphic poem (20 lines due next week) is kinda shot all to hell.

And it's a bad idea to take older poems and attempt to fit them into the form of Sapphic poetry, yes?

So er. This'll be fun.

And because I have to write them to fit the line properly, I can't fuck around on the computer with writing poetry (which I usually do - I just go into notepad, throw together some words and edit it to make sense). Damn.

Y'all really, really have to go pet ignited because she deals in excellent crack. I need to bother her on AIM about my not-so-sekrit fic for OMG teh ideas! They are attacking me!

This is why AU is a bad, bad thing for me - I like to go wild.

Hee. Writers Gone Wild would make an excellent video series, although it wouldn't exactly be softcore porn and would cotain even more pretend lesbian!ho!yay (which is like plain old hoyay, but the ho! part makes it extra slutty) than </i>Girls Gone Wild</i> videos.

Okay, I've had just a leetle bit of sugar.

And those who did indeed vote in my poll are pro-recipe swapping community with a side of cooking horror stories and/or regular cooking stories, y'all need to think up a name for the community because I am not original. And then we'll vote, because this is a 'democracy' (sadly not a democrazy, dammit), and the one with the most votes will become the name of the community.

Or something.

*shifty eyes*

Stef, send help because OMG this is going to be longer than a plain one-shot and I am madly in love with a double-extra fictional character!
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