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patience and rushed

Er, I haven't been gone, just having a couple of issues to deal with. Thankfully I have cancelled the subscription.

My sister is now apparently into Hip-Hop music. This is better than the shitty punk rawk goth rock whatever rock music she was playing.

But it is funny hearing her play songs that I've been into for quite a while.

raelala asked for a bit of drabbley goodness. So I wrote this:


There's a thing you see, with all these sweets. You're sure one day it'll cause him to explode or to turn into a giant lollipop and there's a hex you haven't thrown at ole Snivelly yet.

You make a mental note, postmark, and continue on your merry obsession.

It's just that. The tongue probably was intended for all these sinful things but to witness it and not have a chance of explaining how you want it to be in your mouth, opening your lips and fuck, he's done the little twisting thing again and his eyelids are nearly closed 'cause he'll never know how fucking hot that is.

And you'll never tell him, there's things you simply can't explain.

Then his eyes open on the upsweep, that long, slow lick, to the moon and beyond, and dammit, he doesn't know, but he damn well has the inkling if that faint color tingeing his face is any indication.

So you just shrug your shoulders (because it's not time yet to comment on just how incredibly hard you are) and when he says your name with that implicit question (your name twisted and turning on his tongue Sirius), you're nearly undone.

But it's not time yet. So you merely smile and continue to watch and wait.


I think I'm meeting nariya in the city tonight. But I have no idea because GAH...

*goes back online* Bah. I have so many last minute things to do.

Sooper sekrit message to netweight: You can seriously go ahead with the fic as planned but if you want me to go in-depth and analyze it, I will.
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