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gone wild

To recap:

Everything starstillwonder and raelala said about yesterday is true. Dirty talk in the subway, visits to the land (okay, stores) of many dildos and vibrators, romantic fondue places, messy candy stores with horrific candy-themed music, again not being able to get into Serendipity 3 because of a three hour wait, and groppage on the street all occurred.

It was an eventful time out in the good ole NYC.

And I only got lostmisdirected a couple of time. Go me.

The free sangria we had at the restaurant was freakin' awesome. So there was that as a reward for all the public humiliation.

To those who own TVs: Bitches, watch Arrested Development at 8:30 tonight on Fox. Because Amy needs to keep her boat. TM Amy on SNL last night

I cannot believe I'm going to be 22 on Wednesday. DUDE! I am getting old. :-P

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. You know why I don't care? Because I just had chocolate covered coconut-y things of delight. Mmm. Coconut.

Because I am in a joyful mood and I’m about to skip out to watch T.V. (because it is my teacher, mother, sekrit lover), I shall allow this post to be a free for all “Ask Any Question About Me” and I shall answer it.

Go wild if you want.
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