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of ruminations of these ruins

Two days, y'all. The Very Important Day of Reg's B-Day.

And as it's Valentine's Day and I'm trying not to be bitter, I offer up a chance for drabbles to be written. You ask for it, you get it. >:-)

Do ask me any question you want here at this post. I may give you a sexy, sexy answer.

I almost completely forgot about the fact that my poetry assignment was due today but I snuck it in just at the deadline. It's Anglo-Saxon verse and hopefully it doesn't suck. I amused myself by staying within the traditional themes and narrative structure of Anglo-Saxon literature.

all ruminations of these ruins // while one rues the fallen

do begin for beneath // the boundaries of our vision

into the deep and darkness // a drought past living

they are sinners all to seek // the sarcophagi of their brethren

now fixed to find // the fear of failure

and courage is challenged // and cannot ever return

we gave not grace // and thus graven we repent

not on souls, ah as seen // they scour these battlegrounds

we without helmets to hold // our honor as we are proud

of the kill and the kidnapped // and the kindred now saved

these grins are as the Grim // that grip of Death

it waits and wanders // shall not wane as the moon

shines over our sham // ah, our shame - there's proof -

our bodies made barren // without blood, mere vessels

so empty, and envy // not these events, we are dead

doomed to drain upon // a dream of battle

with tales of terror // taking in our glory

so look upon the lost // become lachrymose and cry

in a shriek of satisfaction // over our shredded remains

and if weeping, do not wish // for the wisdom of the damned

Okay and I totally wanted to shoehorn lachrymose and sarcophagi in a poem.

Still, something written in just a few hours with no idea how to write it until last night, it has to stand for something, right?

Hey, at least I spell-checked and used correct words. I mean someone used the its/it's incorrectly. In an Advanced Poetry class. *shudders*

I was going through several of my tapes last night, because I suck and I rarely mark what's taped on what (okay I was also looking for Teh Thewlis gay romp with DiCaprio). I found that I had several eps of BtVS S7 on tape. Needless to say that is now in the "Must Be Taped Over" pile. Although I do have the ep wherein Lilah dies and some of the Angelus eps of AtS. Eh, I don't mind taping over them too much - I have the memories and the thought of having crappy eps of BtVS (I have "The Killer in Me" on tape, that is just gross) when I could be using that tape for something decent, it just bugs me.

Because I couldn't sleep, I put on Before Night Falls, but I fell asleep (heh) before Javier even came onscreen, which means I didn't get to witness Johnny Depp in his awesome dual role. He really, really does need to play Mae West. Someone offer the man that role, maybe he'll have a better chance at winning Best Actress (especially considering this awards season is called Sweeping: The Story of Jamie Overrated Foxx[/bitter]).

And yes, I found the movie I like to call Bad Wigs, Gay Romps, and Pointlessly Artsy: An Excuse to see Dicaprio and Thewlis Naked, Gay and Sexin'. That hair is bad and dude, the actress playing Thewlis's wife has huuuuuuuuge boobies. Also I think IFC cut out our first sight of what Thewlis is packing (bastards!). However they can't cut the naked fight between him and DiCaprio (only Thewlis is naked), so there's at least some frontal male nudity.

I'm not surprised at the slight edit, when IFC aired Y Tu Mama Tambien I know they cut out some of the frontal male nudity and the sex (but not all, because the movie would then be an hour long). At least my Blockbusters offered an unedited version of the movie. And at least I watched it alone because I had stupidly rented it to watch with my parents, and let me just say after seeing it, that most certainly did not happen.

I don't know why IFC cut down on the nudity, as the nudity does indeed serve a purpose. I have no idea what that purpose is, but I'll think of one. Eventually.

Once again, the message is tits are awesome and cocks are OMG life-scarring. Unless the tits are exposed during the Super Bowl.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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