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I have now seen all of Arrested Development Season One. Thank you to anniesj for sending them out to that wh0r raelala, and thank ye raelala AND starstillwonder for being wh0rs.

I am happy for I posted my ballad for my Advanced Poetry class on time.

The Ballad of Jeff Gannon:
Jamie Guckert, Manwhore

They posted about his secret life,
Revealing his name was even a lie.
Wait, he says - most can't say Guckert,
But the media couldn't let it die.

Those evil bloggers hated him so,
Oh, he won't be a manwhore.
They broke poor Jamie's heart -
He won't prefer top no more.

He won't have a day pass,
And ask no questions again
About power hungry democrats
As Talon reporter Jeff Gannon.

Those bloggers posted all the links
So he won't lob softballs no more,
Hotconservativestuds.com is intact
To prove he's a manwhore.

It's a shameful thing these bloggers did -
Who's to ask softball questions galore?
It simply isn't poor Jeff Gannon,
For Jamie's just a manwhore.

I have a bazillion of other things to post and the like, so yeah, I shall post them soonishly.

Before I go, I of course must say Happy Birthday to dear, beloved, and succulent ignited. Have a great day, Stef.

I will try to write you some smut even though my evil computer has my draft of cracktastic girl!Remus fic stuck in its hard drive
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