I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

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randomosity and dead detectives

Should I ever deserve a flogging, mistress_mab will have the first rights, for I totally am wishing you a belated birthday. You are a snarky sexy godess, m'dear.

I have not been gone, just a bit silent. Things building up in the brain, another original story idea that I've been madly working on, a sort of Dead Like Me-style of story, with a dead investigator-type of person, sarcastic and aloof, akin to the hardboiled gumshoe detectives. Oh, and it's mostly set in a huge cathedral (because that's where the offices are, across and three floors up from choir rehearsals) that combines gothic, byzantine, baroque, and many other random styles of architecture in the most ginormous cathedral ever.

Hey, I never claimed my brain is a sane place to visit.

So, there's been some mad mojo brewing in my personal life, which is wholly my own damn fault. I'll try to fix what I've done, but I've done a lot of damage. It's weird, I'm very self-destructive, but in ways that ensure I'll never quite hit a breaking point. Hurm.

Horrifying random fact: I share a birthday with Kim Jong Il. February 16th sucks, y'all.

If you google for "offical pictures of President George W. Bush," on the first page of google images is a picture of a mostly topless woman (her bra is on, just pulled down to not accomplish its mission of boobage defense), despite the fact that the safesearch is on. If this does not happen to you, then be grateful, for it happened while I was on the computer talking to my dad, who was standing in his room, as he is wont to do.
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