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I make fun of my titles...and you can tell everyone...these titles suuuuck

Gakked from roseveare:

Story Titles Meme -


Well, it was around the fifth bottle of tequila that I realized I needed a title and then I...oh wait, wrong story. Betrayer is well, you know, Wesley. His betrayal. I had fallen in lurve with Wes during S3 and I just thought, "hey you know what would be cool? If he actually took Lilah up on her offer to join 'em at Wolfram and Hart." And while playing around with titles like "temptation" and other religious connections, with my use of a short scene between Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildentstern (that I just love to pieces) wherein they discuss "being bound in a nutshell...king of infinite space...truly the ambitious is but the shadow of a dream..." I finally decided, hey just slap on "Betrayer" and it'll be fine.

I did give subtitles in order to show my (obvious) influences, The Last Temptation, Master of Infinite Space, Bound in a Nutshell, Were it not that I have bad dreams, Yet but a shadow, Tis madness, yet there be method in't, Into my grave, and Epilogue: the rest is...silence.

But this was definitely a snap-decision title and I thought it was cool because I then did the whole "but isn't everyone a betrayer" thing where no one is perfect in my story. Except Cordelia. Because you know, she's not there.

Last Words
C'mon, it's so freakin' easy! Okay, I was tinkering around with "could I actually write a Buffy/Angel story where they actually never hook up? Can I have a plausible reason for it?" Originally, I intended the ending to be before Angel actually finds her, or rather, he just says "Hello Buffy" end scene. But then, I hated the ending and changed it. So, it's the last words Buffy says to Angel and how he deals with them. I know, I'm brilliant. Where's my Pulitzer?

redux (another time)
How much do I love this title? (this much!) Originally titled just "Redux" I was totally mocking the over-use of IWRY fic in the b/a ficdom. Because, I'm really just doing a tired plot so here it is again, maybe this time it'll be original! (I kid, of course ;-))

And since it's told in past, present and future and I have constant break ins of future Angel speaking in past tense to the actual present tense flow of the story (That isn't the way it happened - it had yet to happen), I thought adding (another time) to redux made it all the more spookier and significant.

Of You in Dreaming of the Night
Cripes, what a giveaway to the little "surprise" at the end. I feel it's too melodramatic a title, but it just kept on sticking. Even though it's worded really strangely.

At the End of Time
Aww...this is my first attempt at a good fic, y'all! Let's bask. Okay, done basking. So, it's taken from the incredibly mushy, gaggingly romantic final sentence, "And at the end of time...etc" and it is all about that. You know how people keep on putting things off until the last minute? Minute's up. I like that I'm not incredibly embarrassed by this little story and the title doesn't suck. (and if you think it does, please do not tell me, leave me to my delusions, oh look, the Nile...)

Flesh Deep
Gaaaaah. I still barely like the title. Taken from the story itself, "their skin is not thin, nor their flesh deep" I was going to have it "Flesh, Deep" but that stuck me as pompous for some reason. It's a weird ass title and really, the story should be "Scars" or "Wesley: More Fucked Up Than You" or even "Wesley Tells You all about His Scars and Why He and Lilah are So Very Messed Up."

3 AM: Conversations
One of those "hi! I'm here to tell you what you're about to read, would you like fries with that?" titles, but hey, that's all I'm really exploring here. A telephone conversation with Lilah and Wesley, with several undercurrents of other conversations between them. I do think that Wesley/Lilah has taken the second place in my heart, directly after John/Aeryn.

[Yes I am often a shipper, no I am not delusional, I in fact, tend to support and enjoy nonshippy things. I in fact, care more about the characters than who they're sleeping with. You may now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.]

Onto my life, my love, my Farscape:

Frail Edges
Ooh...whatever could it mean? How can edges of something be frail? Well, I was kicking through the fic, desperate for a title that was both ambiguous and cool sounding, and up comes "...frail edges of..." And I thought, "hey, that's kinda neat and fits into the plot and the wormhole obsession, and the whole issue with John's relationships to everyone falling apart." So up it went and mmmm....dark!Johnfic. Mmmm.

Fantasy, in Technicolor
It took an argument with my beta jennem over the title in order to smack this puppy on, just barely shy of when it was due as a b-day present for gatorjen. Originally titled "Indulgence," I just hated the damn title. What in the hell did that mean? It had nothing to do with the themes of the fic and really needed to be changed.

I was playing with the idea of calling it "The Black and the White, And the Red, White, and Blue" but that's sort of long and extremely rambly. So, since it takes place in John's head and is mostly a fantasy (the missing scene where J/A reunite), it fits, but just barely.

Glass Wheel
My first Farscape fic, but it's being reworked before I start archiving it. I changed the title from "The Glass Wheel." Isn't that just captivating? I remove the "The" because I thought it was redundant. Because hey, John's all about Fortune's wheel and it's made of glass or something! Actually, I'm (mostly) kidding.

Thematically, the story is all about fortune and wheels and being crushed under the wheel, the glass part is just to make it all shiny. Or, if I want to bs my way into making myself sound like I knew what I was doing, it's also that we're seeing the story from a John POV in the second person format, so it's like we're seeing through his eyes.

Genius. ;-)

Whew, that was fun, I got to make fun of my titles and not even all of them! Maybe when I finally post my faith!fic, I can totally mock the lameness of that title. While sipping a cool, cool lemonade. Lovely.
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