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Lost Ramblings, Catholic Blasphemy, and Love of Hurley

*pokes flist with a spoon*

Original sin, y'all. That's all I'm saying.

Dude, they referenced so much stuff!

Hurley owns Locke's box company and those TPS reports apparently must be good for the company, because according to the accountant, it's doing very well.

For anyone who's reading this: the arrest/who could mistake you for a drug dealer? was a riff on an earlier role Jorge Garcia had on Curb Your Enthusiasm. He was a drug dealer that Larry David sought out to get pot for David's dad (who was suffering from glaucoma). Hee.

And from what I gleamed off of the TwoP forums before they spazzed out on me, the producers of Lost found Garcia because of his role on CYE.

My birthday (16) is a part of the numbers of DOOOOOOOOM.

And 42 is the final number in the sequence because it IS the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

8 15 is probably the flight number (and going into fun fanwankery - Ides of March - the 15th - are a Bad or ill fortuned day as decided by fate/a seer, but that might only be for Caesar).

But I believe 8 is a lucky number in Chinese tradition and IIRC, 4 is a very unlucky number, because in the Chinese language it sounds like death? So 8 and 15 could be a coincidence, but probably not, considering Boring Kate’s Sekrit Lockbox in the Stupidest Bank Holdup Ever was number 815 as well. (Or was it the number on her Sekrit Toy Plane That I Don’t Care About?)

And apparently (again, from TwoP) 23 is a number significant for Eris, the goddess of destruction. That there is a goddess of destruction is awesome. Eris shall also going into my file for Female Characters Names of Significance.

How much you want to bet the writers just picked out some random numbers to fuck with their fans?

And that there are Douglas Adams fans in that group who also cannot wait to see The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

So Hurley. Is. Awesome. That's it really - his "back home, I'm something of a warrior" comment is still up in the air. I was trying to behave myself about the spoilage, because I stupidly clicked on the wrong link which spoiled that Hurley won the lotto and that’s what his ep was about. (And that’s why he was on TV and why I squeed when I saw him). It was also REALLY hard because last week Locke makes a reference to not having $$$ to play against Walt, which calls back to Hurley owing Walt some hardcore money (in the thousands, but I don’t remember the exact number).

And the reason Hurley can make huge bets on a game is because back home, he's worth $156 million. ;-)

His mental institution visit and his comments to his mama TOTALLY prove he spent some time there, but I no real idea what for - which means we need another Hurley ep, waaaay before we get another Kate ep.

Kate was in one scene and was useless. At least she wasn't attempting to have 'steaming' chemistry with Jack. I rather enjoyed the lack of Kate. Please continue henceforth. (Sun also needs to go hang out with Hurley because I like her and Hurley can made her feel better, much more easily than Kate.)

Sayid is hot and I was totally smiling during his moment with Shannon and while I'm not shipping them, I do go, "aww." But then I "awwed" when he found the remains of his pic of Nadia, so I'm mostly a Sayid lovin' dork.

Locke is love. He just is. I don't care if they twist it around and make him eeeeeevil, as of right now he is awesome and awesome and AWESOME. He and Hurley need to be voted President and Vice-President of the island now, dammit. (Locke would have to be Vice-President, so that he could have time to hunt the pissed off giraffe while Hurley did the peacekeeping of all the castaways with their many, many secrets of doooom.)

I knew it was a cradle when I saw Locke mucking around with the side with the wooden bars. Has Claire never seen a cradle before? Because, c’mon. If I put a jar of peanut butter upside down in front of her, would she recognize it?

Ooh, and I love that they continue to cast Locke in half-shadow during most of his fireside chats. *g*

Mercutio's line about his building a boat to rescue their asses getting in Sawyer's way was delivered perfectly. Sawyer's probably catching up on all that reading of children's lit that evol Mr. Sawyer took away from him, along with his parents.

That's the P.S. to his letter that adult!Fake!Sawyer edited out: I cannot go to the library by myself because I lost my library card when you made my dad rip it up in a fit of rage. You are a mean man.

Jack's a bit of an arse, isn't it? Although his amused look at when Hurley returned with the battery was worth it. He was better than Charlie constantly yelling this ep. I think if he had been a little less ragey THROUGHOUT the damn ep, that final line of, "Fine don't tell me..." would have had a higher pay off. It just seemed like more bitching from a super PMS-ing dude.

Although, I thought it was interesting that they've sort of used that set up before. When Locke explains that he worked a box company and there was that, "Yeah sure, okay then" reaction - THAT was great. But this time, it really doesn't work when you have someone say it after constantly snipping and freaking - you expect it too much. Locke's was funnier.

Hurley hugged the Crazy French lady. I go, "aww" to prove that Sayid is not my only cuddle button. Hurley’s relief that he’s not crazy (because dude, we need a back up story pronto, what stuff did he go through that made him want to make it up to family?).

By the by, what the fuck did Mama Reyes mean by "Catholics don't believe in curses?" Because, as a part of a Hispanic Catholic family, I can tell you, that most certainly isn't true. Bad luck does come your way, and sure, they’ll say it's all a part of 'God's plan,' don't you know, but that moment sort of took me out of the ep. Heck, Catholics are one of the more rituals and mysticism yay! positive Christian religions of Judeo-Christian faith. That's why you get Saints assigned to making sure you don't lose shit and that you travel safe. ;-)

And the numbers are a part of The Island’s Sooper-Sekrit Route to the Centre of the Earth. Find out what that means in a month's time and don't hurt yourself with the weeks of speculating!

I need a Hurley icon and a Locke icon like now.

ETA: SPEAKING OF ICONS - taken from luna_k

I love looking at people's icons, but I don't always *get* them - I often wonder stuff like, "Who's that guy?" or "Where's that quote from?" but I tend not to ask, for various reasons. Pick one (or more!) of my icons you're curious about, and I'll try to explain it. Or at least explain what I like about it.
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