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Love and a painful back


Owww my back. Owww I say. Owww.

I'm stupid.

But we already knew that. In more important news, I shall be getting cable in MY NEW ROOM tomorrow. OMG. TV. I missed having your warm, sexy glow in the evening hours.

Everyone needs to visit me so that I can make them breakfast. I fucking rule the frittattas and I add extra T for temptation.

This week is fanfic authors appreciation. So everyday, I'm going to post at least one author I adore.

First, I have to give love to chrisleeoctaves. Chrislee is wonderful woman and her stories get into the meat of the relationships between her characters, and sometimes the answers aren't pretty, but man, it's worth it. I've been bowled over by her work, secretly wishing for those crazy kids (mainly Buffy/Angel, but Chris is always friendly towards all characters in her stories) to work it out, but I'm always, always deeply satisfied by her lovely prose and captivating tales. I encourage all to check out her work at Octaves of the Heart and do read her fantastic B/A/S story Old Ghosts.

Who can be next but my evil nemesis, the naughty B/Ser! :-P netweight may not be prolific, she may be evil, and she may have a tendency to inspire some crazy plotbunnies in my mind, but she is a freakin' wonderful writer. Sofia's someone who works for her characterizations, who thinks about so much and packs it all in with such sparse language that it hurts so beautifully. I don't read Harry/Draco. I swear I don't. But she asked me to read her H/D fic Know Thine Enemy and wow. It's really fantastic. Sofia's just lovely, really and truly, and although we come from supposedly opposing POVs (B/A and B/S) we found a middle ground in Buffy/Angel/Spike. Mmm. I. Loff. Her.

Finally for today, I want to shower blacksatinrose with a thousand sparkling pieces of shiny, shiny love so as to get her into a tizzy spell of dizziness and I can sneak attack hug her. Ariel's power is that she works her prose with an iron fist, but her heart pours into these words. Yes, she's not going to write flufftastic R/S. That doesn't matter. Because what she writes is wonderful. Heart-ripping, painful, emotional, and smart work. When Ariel posts, I hurry to read and I usually come up gasping for breath. Damn. I can't even tell you where to start. Just start here and you'll be more the better for it.

My heart is so full of love, I may explode. So I'll get offline and chill with Arrested Development, Deadwood, and Carnivale.

I'll get to the rest of my favorite authors in the following week.
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