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what are we to do with all this extraneous genitalia hanging about?

Yes, that is a direct quote, thank you very much. I almost don't want to give background, but I will, so that you are not left with the image of random bits of genitalia waylaid.

My professor in Art of Imperial Rome mentioned that to Romans, male genitalia was something of a good luck sign. So she explained that there would be crude renderings at intersections to prevent traffic accidents. Okay, there's your explanation. And you cannot hit me for the weird image now floating in your mind.

Happy birthday dovil!



Sorry. But OMG! You know all those files stuck on my computer that is now shipped off to be fixed? Well, I got them burned onto a CD at Best Buy, but I couldn't open any Word files on my home computer. But GUYS? I CAN OPEN IT AT SCHOOL!


ignited - your cracktastic genderfucking fic that I was writing for you is saved! HUZZAH!

I am so fucking excited. I'm going to be able to write again.

A line to tease:

Interesting fact: When Sirius is annoyed that his carefully plotted situation has gone awry, breasts lose power of persuasion.

*dancles like mad and not really because people will think I've gone round the bend*

You know what? I'm give out more because I'm that excited and OMG I have remembered that this is going to be a long story because I have eeeeevil ideas.

Pairing: Remus/Sirius, Remus/Lily
Type: Genderfuckery. Remus as a girl. Oh, don't worry, it'll make sense in the end.


“Yes,” she says, and she hides her smile, waving one of her hands across her face. “Look, I don’t know about labels, I have to deal with more than my fair share of them, but I’ve known Lily cared for James more than she’s ever admitted for a long time. Besides, I sometimes thought even if I were male, we’d have been nothing more than friends, deep down, in the end. But there’s no reason to think about that.”

“About your relationship with Lily?”

“No, about being male, Sirius,” she says pointedly. “I’m pretty sure my preferences as a male would be the same. Although perhaps I’d enjoy getting chocolate from you.”

A confused look crosses Sirius face and he blurts it out before he has a chance to process it, “You mean me sending chocolate to you if you were a bloke? That’s...insane. I may be mad, but I’m extraordinarily heterosexual. And if I wasn’t madly in love with you, I’d find a bird who fancied getting chocolates from her boyfriend!”

Remus has always been calm and self-assured, even when engaging in particularly exciting (and therefore, dangerous) acts. She prides herself on her self-control, emotional restraint, and the fact that even though she contends with two monthly cycles, she’s never been known for her outbursts.

This is a deviation from the norm, obviously.

“You are not my BLOODY BOYFRIEND, Sirius!” and yes, this is the first time she’s learned how high her voice can go, and that it doesn’t crack, ever.


Dude, rock the fuck on.

Okay, I'm going to post two days worth of lovin' writers tonight and I am also going to smile like a moron because all my fic IS SAVED. Huzzah!
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