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dunnnnnnnnn dun dun da la la la la...

Oh my knee. It is angry at me. I ran down an icy flight of stairs in the morning and well. Don't run down an icy flight of stairs, kids.

But I got to hang out with ignited which was lovely. We went to the Frick Collection as my class was meeting there and it was very neat and we totally didn't relate how the portraits are like wizarding portraits and they're going to move! And then they didn't. Ooh, and there was some organ music being played and we were totally waiting for some Phantom of the Opera music to come it and it never did.

We hung for a while in the fountain area of the museum which is neat, but ignited nearly brought me to hysterics by relating the events in the 70's version of The Phantom of the Opera. Dear god. I'm never going to look at a record presser again without laughing. Hee.

Oh, and on the way back to Penn Station, I rode on the Deadwood shuttle! Yes, a shuttle from Grand Central to Times Square, the interior decked out in faux-Western-style details with tons and tons of ads for Deadwood, with Seth Bullock rocking the Manson Lamp Stare of Dooooom. He doesn't eyefuck you, he eyepounds you into the mattress, leaving you panting for more. Mmm.

Then I waited a very long damn time to finally get home because I bought an off-peak ticket and I am too cheap to pay the extra cash in order to get home early. Bah. At least I had a book on me, and I bothered poor nariya, but she's busy because her awesome self, busy with her secret spy life. She's the real Le Femme Nikita, yo.

I am very tired and I want to get to these two writers more tomorrow, but for now, let me say this:

Go read trixiefirecra and torchthisnow bitches. They own me and I admire the hell out of these awesome ladies.
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