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Sugar: My Anti-Drug

Just a trifle, just a bit, a mere trifle, on a sugar high. (Bounces)

Did I ever say that I don't usually have a lot of sugar and that when I do I go crrrrrrrrazy? Cuz...I'm just a trifle on a sugar high and bwah ha ha ha...

I miss jennem like the moon misses an asteroid. Or something.

AtS was verra good. Some little "huh?" moments but other than that, Connor. Is. One. Fucked. Up. Kid. VK made me shiver and go "dude, you are *messed* up."

And [spoiler for those who have yet to see the ep] Lilah!

Lilah lives on! Whee!!!

Okay, perhaps she's still dead. But still. Lilah. Wesley. Lilah and Wesley.

See me doing a little dance, right here.

I shall give my first born child to a person of the most wondrous icon-making ablities to make me a Wesley/Lilah icon with the following text: "and some call us betrayers / for they know not the freedom of sin."

I'm probably going to be a secretary during the summer. I called up a temp agency today, one that I learned about at my school's job fair. Hey, anything to quit my current job which is HELL. I mean, pure and simple, it's just hell. I can't take it anymore.

Plus, I need to work full-time this summer. To get away from my ever-increasing lunatic of a mother and to earn some cash. And to actually save some for the next big project: saving up for an apartment to get the fuck out of my home.

Y'all, I'm really excited about X-Men 2. I think I'm going to go see it tomorrow. My sister and my mom are really excited too.

And well, we're big nuts on action-adventure type movies. And I'm a whhhhhooooorrrrreeeee for anything with super-powered beings. I love it so much.

We now have a giant cardboard poster of Wolverine. You must be asking, why do you have that and where did you get it?

Well, my dad works for the MTA. That means buses. You know those posters on the sides of buses? Yeah, he took some. Two of the girls and the Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is really, really hot. Rwor.

My mom on the Wolverine poster: "Leave it up on that basket, I want to see him! You have to make sure I can see him!"

Me, currently on sugar high, laughing my ass off: "Yes, we must make sure to always see the Wolverine." [leaves, laughing]

God, my family is insane.

If there is any kind soul willing to do a quick once over on a Faith fic (main pairing Wesley/Faith, rated NC17), I would be forever grateful.

Other than that...wheee.....sugah!
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