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argh...Happy St. Doritos Day


I am learning that Doritos and corned beef and cabbage do not go together. Now, I didn't eat them at the same time - it's just that Cuppy's birthday was yesterday, so we had a lot of food in house that we rarely have - Dorito chips and the like. And Doritos? I love them, even though they almost always make me ill.

I know they're bad, I know I'll be paying for it tonight, I cannot help it. It's a childhood association thing. Just like I can't eat strawberry ice cream or drink strawberry shakes, only in like the reverse, as I associate Doritos with good feelings and cold strawberry things with bad memories. Wow, that was a horrible sentence.

Mom makes fantastic corned beef and cabbage though, plenty of flavor and spices, slow cooked in a great Irish beer. So it was great, and even better when kicked up with spicy brown mustard and horseradish.

And Irish Soda bread (that is not homemade, we live a block away from a bakery). So good.

It's funny though, my mom's only half Irish and she grew up in a household without good cooking - a lot canned stuff going on. And my grandpa, the Irish one, is really as American as they come, he has no information on the history of his ancestors, which is a bit frustrating. I can go to my paternal grandmother and ask about the history of our family and she can trace back to Spain/Canary Island/Portugal, although it gets a bit iffy at that point, heh.

So my mom's a fantastic cook because she had to learn on her own and she had my dad's family. And Puerto Rican families are very, very big on the homemade food. There's a major pride in being accomplished in cultural differences, along with continuing to 'better' the previous recipe. It's evident in pasteles, the recipe we built on, my grandmother's recipe, has been altered to fit certain things available in this day and age - we can make pasteles with more pork, we can use less fat and made a slightly different masa by incorporating different roots such as the yuca and malanga.

While my mom was making the corned beef and cabbage last night, as it does take a while and she was working today, I mentioned how interesting it is that recipes change. Our corned beef and cabbage totally breaks with tradition and I think that's because of the Puerto Rican roots, we use a lot of garlic and spices to add something more to the overall taste (and I'm in the background bitching about the salt - I'm very much against the overuse of sodium in food).

But yes. That was a weird food ramble.

I blame it on those damn Doritos, the devlish processed food I cannot keep myself away from when it is nearby. I stupidly snacked on Doritos tonight. I'm soooo going to be paying for it. Ugh.

Oh, and I did not wear anything green on St. Patrick's Day, nor did I wear any of my Irish jewelry. I am only 1/4 Irish, yet because of the way I look, apparently I'm supposed to enjoy being green.

Those that know me, know I rarely wear green. I own about two green shirts. And one says that God is the Tub. I forgot to wash it, so I wasn't able to wear it today as I had planned.

My dad goes to me and says, "Why aren't you wearing green? You're supposed to."

Me: "Well, I am only a quarter Irish, dude."

Then we bantered about how I'm not really a Puerto Rican because I'm so damn white and I might as well be Irish because of how I look.

He's such an awesome bastard. Heh.
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