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Does anyone know what happened to regina_terra? I hope she's okay.

I am watching Basquiat at the moment. I think I just randomly saw Gary Oldman on screen and I was all, WTF, is that Gaz? And he was smoking so I got distracted and couldn't confirm if it was actually him. But David Bowie is playing Andy Warhol, and Benico Del Toro is in it as well. Although I think Benico looks hotter now than he did in this movie.

Oh, and Basquiat is played by Jeffery Wright, who is being slightly outacted by his dreds, which is amazing, considering how awesome Jeffrey Wright is onscreen.

Oh, and there's Christopher Walken. It's like a movie full of all Hey, It's That Guy! actors and actresses.

I am getting so distracted, which is unfortunate because I was thinking of going to a art exhibit of Basquiat for my paper in my Contemporary Art class. But I can't pay attention. The dreadlocks have hypnotized me.

And I have learned in my art class that I just don't really care for modern art. It doesn't translate in my mind and it's frustrating, because I can get it on an intellectual level, but not on an emotional one, which is odd, because the art I do really enjoy was mainly created out of a very intellectually driven mindset and structured way, whereas modern art is oftentimes a more fluid and spontaneous process of some sort of emotional connection.

Of curse, that's very much a generalization, and it's more about me bitching that I'm going to writing a paper on a topic that I have nothing to say other than 'blah.'

And now Basquiat has put one of Andy Wahrol's white wigs on the dreds of dooom.

Artists are weird.

ETA: Now one of the characters has called Andy Warhol 'weird' while talking to Basquiat. She says this to him, while he is wearing a business tie in his dreds. How am I supposed to pay attention when I am compelled by the dreds?

(Oh, and the character is played by Claire Forlani, at least, I think that's her name. She was in that awful movie with Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt - you know the one, when Brad Pitt is Death and he Learns to Live and the movie is about a thousand hours long and is so effing slow.)

ETA 2: Electric Boogaloo

My Target is apparently evil. I called up to see if they had Arrested Development in stock and they do. Now, I'm online, so the price online is 27.99. The list price, that makes, the most expensive price, is 39.99. I ask the person on the phone how much AD is and it's - get this - $49.99. What the fuck? That's ridiculous. At best, I was hoping for the list price if I wanted to pick it up at the store. But it's fifty bucks at my nearby Target?

I hope that dude made a fucking mistake because seriously. That is jacked up.

Oh, and Gary Oldman is indeed in this movie and he looks pretty cute in a pair of pjs. And aww, he's dancing with his movie-daughter all cutely. Aww.
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