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"ladies love the horizontal stripes"

- Jon Stewart, The Daily Show.

Of course. Hee.

The Cuppy was sick yesterday and I had to pick her up for school. And she wasn't feeling any better today, so she stayed home with me. She finished off the rest of Arrested Development (addicting the whole family = fun!) and we went out to Blockbusters to pick up something new to watch.

We got Dodgeball, Mean Girls, and Labyrinth. Cuppy hasn't seen Labyrinth before, which isn't surpring, considering its age. Nearly twenty years old, man. Wow. But yeah, the special effects don't hold up as well, but what's great is the dvd's making of feature. It is very weird seeing a very young Brian Henson talk about the 'complicated' face of Hoggle. That character had like four whole people working on his facial expressions!

As I am a Farscape devotee, I laughed and laughed, considering the complicated puppets created out of Henson - Rygel and Pilot and the like.

Oh, and for one scene with puppets, they had to use black velvet in order to make sure the puppeteers couldn't be visible, and ah, the days of yore - the world without blue screen.

Jennifer Conelly was so pretty when she was young (only 14). The Sarah/Jareth subtext/rapid text is so jarring when you're older. And David Bowie's eyebrows are nearly as scary as the GIANT bulge in his tight, tight pants.

Dodgeball was okay. Not great and the director/writer of it is a bit of a dick. His bitterness in the commentary on the alternate ending is pretty damn clear, and honestly? The alternate/original ending blew chunks. No, really. I think it had some funny moments, but I think Ben Stiller was used just too much and Vince Vaughn seemed to almost be a nonentity in the movie, which is a bit of a problem, considering, he's the main fucking character.

However, I love Justin Long (playing 'Justin' - which weirdly enough, when they called him that, I thought, 'wow, that's a great name, he really looks like a Justin.') and he totally needs to be in more movies because he's great as the lost and confused geek.

But then, he had me at Truffle Shuffle in the comments on about The Goonies for the original I Love the 80's on VHI.

Oh, and I see four people want to me do DVD-style commentary on One Fractured Fairy Tale. I'm about halfway through the fic and I'll be done with it tomorrow.

Plus, I am totally writing a new fic, and hopefully I can cut down the story idea so that it doesn't become insanely large.
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