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"Yes, I am a fantastic cook."

I have no shame. I left it in the car.

So Happy Easter to all. Today we celebrate chocolate, bunnies, and eggs.

I don't know why.

Oh and dinner was a marvelous affair.

Oh where to start. Two days ago, I began by making Buttermilk Sherbet, as I had no ice cream maker, which would have cut down the time.

Today I chopped fresh herbs, garlic, and shallots for the leg of lamb, which my mom cooked, as I was making several dishes.

Then I prepared Macerated Strawberries, with a little bit of coconut extract and orange zest.

Once that was done, I went onto the appetizer, Zuchinni Fritters, my first time making them, and damn, they are yummy. And once you get into the groove, easy to make. I just had to do trial by error in the cooking part of it and making sure I didn't stupidly hurt myself when I grated the zukes, for the grater and I are not on good terms.

Small potatoes and baby carrots were added to the roasting pan, to get all that excellent flavor. I cooked stringbeans, very simple - just olive oil, lemon zest, and garlic, then put it in a serving dish with some parmigiano.

Cresent rolls for the Cuppy, and then I made a gravy from the pan drippings.

So that all was effing fantastic.

The strawberries and buttermilk sherbet comprised the dessert - just layers of sherbet and strawberries, interspersed with dark chocolate shavings, and a leetle bit of whipped cream on top.

So yes, I am stuffed like a bunny busting of jellybeans.

Hey, flist, what's up with y'all?
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