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wherein I squee over Sin City and lament over poor Alan Moore

I am bursting into a thousand specks of light in anticipation for Sin City. Oh yes. It looks so fucking good, I don't care if it's the worst movie ever, if the critics bash it, if it makes no bloody sense, because OMG it looks so fucking good.

I actually watched Jay Leno, for god's sack, just to see Rosario Dawson's interview (okay, really it was just for the Sin City clip). Clive Owen is totally going to make up for the suckfest that was King Arthur. He's looking fine.

Unfortunately I got kinda annoyed with Rosario Dawson during her interview, which is unfornate, as she had a lot of love reserved because of the fact that she was in Josie and the Pussycats, one of the most underrated comedies of our time (although I really wish the movie had been about the boy band - "And I thank God every day that I knew the words to Enter Sandman.").

But Sin City. Oh, it looks so very, very pretty. And it isn't cursed with the Curse of Bad Graphic Novel Adaptions, as it's not by Alan Moore.

Poor Alan Moore. His work is brilliant and Hollywood fucks it up every time they get the rights to one of his stories. I whimper in fear of what they'll do to Watchmen.

Still, I cannot be burst from this bubble of excitement. For Sin City looks so damn awesome. Pretty much all the trailers and the behind the scenes shorts on the movie just make me want to dance and/or get a high speed car and a lot of weapons and kick some ass.
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