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and movies are delicious, too

So, I shall totally have nightmares because of Sin City.

I do not mind this.

In fact, I loved the movie and I'll try to type a coherent post why I love this movie so greatly some other time.

I would say to those that don't like hardcore and extreme violence, either prep yourself by reading reviews or er, you may not like it.

For it is very violent and very disturbing. And awesome because of it.

I actually made noises and flailed a bit in my seat when the new trailer for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was on. Poor starstillwonder and raelala. But this movie just looks so fucking good. And less than a month!


Now, I see some of my flist does the movie quote-thing, and I am about to show my crappy taste in movies, for I have a wide rangein taste. Like, I worship bad 80's teen movies. And the most random of lines get stuck in my head.

So here's a list. And I had to struggle with one movie, because it is so quotable.

Guess the Movie Quotes

"...Finger-painting?" The Cutting Edge (Toepiiiick!), callmesandy

"I celebrate his entire catalogue." - Office Space, dawnydiesel

"So you call Barry Manilow, and you tell him how you feel!" - Can't Hardly Wait, viennawaits and marenfic

"And what did we learn in school today?"
"Revenge." - Hackers, eleniangel

"The dishes are done, man!" - Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Dead, magistera

"I will fong you!" - A Knight's Tale, dawnydiesel

"He's just trying to feed his robot family." - Eurotrip, dawnydiesel

"Why, if it isn't Mr. Strawberry Dick." - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, gypsyjr

"She can't sing, act, or dance. She's a triple threat." - Singin' In the Rain, southernbangel and dawnydisel

"You are my new obsession." - Peter Pan, wildestranger

"'Allo. Come in and meet the Mrs.!" Labyrinth, magistera

"I want room service!" - Johnny Mnemonic, fallonmay

"This...is holy water!"

"I see you managed to get your shirt off." - Galaxy Quest, dawnydiesel
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