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if it weren't for my horse...

So for those who watch Lewis Black, there's this routine he does about hearing something so inane, so bizarre, that you have to tell someone or your head explodes.

Here's mine:

I sometimes listen to Air America on my way to and from school. Today was such a day. It cuts to commercial.

A PSA. An Earth-day related thing. Darryl Hannah starts speaking.

She informs us, the listeners, that as a young child she had a learning disability. So her father, instead of sending her to special ed classes (and she says this as though OH NOES NOT THE SHORT BUS! = getting extra learning help), he sent her to a wilderness camp.

Of course. Your child has problems reading/learning, you send them to live in covered wagons without electricity. She emphasizes this as though it was the miracle cure for her. For if you're one with nature = your learning problems are cured.

I'm trying to keep my brain from exploding. Really. But...ARGH!!!


Look, when I was little, I used to spend my summers on a boat. HOWEVER, that did not cure my learning disability (dyslexia). Years of special education and hard work is what helped me overcome my initial problems.

Not fucking around in the dirt, sowing the land.

I'm sorry, but that's one of the fucking stupiest things I've ever heard.

If it weren't for my horse, indeed.
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