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"And THAT is how you narrate a story"

So Arrested Development was brilliant as usual.

Zach Braff playing the creator behind "Girls with Low Self-Esteem"? Inspired.

GOB having low self-esteem during this ep? Awesome.

Zach Braff being a NeverNude? OMG!!!

Buster finding a box of wine and thinking it's juice and therefore drinking it, dancing around the house to "Rose's Turn" after he isn't able to feed the Roomba? I DIE from TEH FUNNY!

I only caught half of Desperate Housewives and watched Grey's Anatomy afterwards.

I'm still on the fence. The problem is that I pretty much like everyone except for the main character. She's got some major Mary Sue-ish tendencies going on, and well, if the writers dropped them, I don't think I'd be as annoyed with her.

And WTF is up with constantly shooting down Dempsey? Dude, he's into you. He's like totally in flove. He's really, really hot and clearly 'a nice guy.'

Just go out with him and if the OMG rules really do prevent you two from hooking up (for he is an attending and she a mere intern, WOE their love is so forbidden!), then explain it to him over that damn dinner he's been offering.

And then do him on the down low.

I apologize for using the words 'down low.'

And hey, Callum Blue was in this ep as a crazy bike messenger! Ah, Callum. It's a pity Dead Like Me got cancelled, because I enjoyed him tons on that show. Someone hire him for a good TV drama and he can be a great sidekick.

Deadwood has once again exceeded expectations and I'm totally shipping Elsworth/Alma. Hah. Well, not really. It's just that I love Elsworth and seriously, it would be brilliant.

And it would piss Bullock off so very, very much and I'm mad at him for once again trying to throw Trixie's profession (whoredom) in the face of Sol. Sol seriously is the most patient friend ever and even he threatened (calmly) to beat up Seth's punk asshattery.

After telling him that Mrs. Garrett's knocked up. Huzzah, Sol. Well played.

Wolcott is terrifying. 3 dead whores. I did not expect that.

And for other scores of Insane Shit Going On in Deadwood: One fucked horse (okay, not fucked, just Steve jerking off all over Bullock's horse).

Then the stable owner and his friend get him to sign a confessional that he fucked 'the Sheriff's' horse. Heh.

Not your grandpaw's Western.

I can't wait for the next ep.

Holeee shite.
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