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but they're hugging! That means they're in lurve!

My back hurts. It may be because I carried three HUGE boxes o'books upstairs into my room.

Oh, Riverside Shakespeare. How wonderful a weapon you are in case I ever need to beatdown some burgulars.

And I have organized my fic (real fic) notes for like, the first time ever. Of course a lot of it's hopelessly out of date, but it's good because once I print out my word files of notes, story ideas, 'test' dialogue and the like, I'll be able to like, work on my fic without going "wait, is this character X born in November and the one raised only by their dad?" For I shall be able to LOOK IT UP AND VERIFY. Yay.

Ooh, and I finally broke down and opened FaithGirl's awesome gift. Two mini-action figure sets of Harry Potter characters. A Professor Lupin set and a Sirius Black set.

Yes, they are enacting the Hug admist a stack of books. A dementor glides dementorily atop my hardcover OotP, Harry in his wizarding robes is about to unlock the sekrit door (a pretend door as I'm not about to built sets) where Sirius and Remus are Hugging.

Thankfully Professor Lupin has his wand in hand and is about to cast the spell (over Sirius's shoulder) to relock the door if Harry manages to enter.

And werewolf!Lupin is holding some weird green thing that came with the Professor Lupin set, showing it off to Padfoot, who look on appreciatively.

And the other Harry Potter figurine is standing off somewhere, doing nothing because I have no insane story idea...yet.

Soon I'll bring in dawnydiesel's Gollum (another wonderful present) into the mix, and he and the dementor will fall in love (Gollum once had a crush on a Nazgul, but it ended badly) and theirlovewillbesocanon!!1111

And that reminds me, Dawny, I'll be sending that tape off tomorrow for ya. ;-)
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