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catholic sheep, gay spies, wizard bodice rippers, and some good meta

So I'm still sorta sick-ish for various reasons I don't want to get into, but suffice it to say, it isn't fun at all to be me right now. Been stocking up on books like crazy and panicking slightly as I'm graduating on May 15th. Eek.

So I shall direct y'all to Points of Interest:

poisoninjest has a damn funny thread that originated after commenting that the author and the speaker are indeed very different things (something that every professor has had to say in all of my classes I've ever taken because seriously, pepole really don't get it), and no, Marlowe never tended sheep.

Then she made an awesome manip associated with gayatheistspy which asks the very important question of etes-vous un mouton catholique? Jonathan Rhys-Meyer plays an important part as the love interest/shepard of Marlowe. Look out for the sheep with snorkeling gear.

After laughing, there is a very interesting discussion about Remus Lupin in gaeta's lj: Is Remus a powerful wizard? Very interesting points made in the comments, do check it out.

And if you've very daring, you must come by and see mine and ignited's most fabulous story ever written in the history of romances: The Wizard and Bodice. It's Remus/Sirius, rated R, and quite romantic, passionate, and hysterical. And there's a manip icon of Sirius in a dress. C'mon, just click on the link for that alone.

G'nite, my doves. I miss being able to say anything interesting and I hope my brain and body get back to the business of working properly.
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