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Mmm. One final to go. Tommorrow. Blegh, I can't believe that my semester's over.

I watched the end of Dawson's Creek. I don't even watch the show. I did for the first year when I was a young, unbittered (shhh, it really is a word) TV viewer. But you can only take so much angst.

I cried like a biznitch. I have no idea why. I blame hormones. Stupid sexy hormones.

B/A! Woot!

Shut up. I can't help it. My shipperness attacked me last night while I was all, "dude I'm cool, I didn't even want to strangle Spike during the Spuffy scene that never ended" and then Angel comes back and I'm all...awww.

Angel put on a happy face for Buffy. It's better than wearing a giant yellow smiley face.

And yes, I have done that. Don't ask.

I liked the moment, I thought it was sweet. Does it mean True Luv 4evah? No, I think it's just a nice moment between people who are/were in love with each other.

I love Faith. A lot. I really liked that Buffy/Faith scene. Those two have needed that moment.

I thought the Anya and Andrew scenes were really nice and very natural. Nothing forced about it. EC is really wonderful and manages to be sweet and just so damn human while being not human. I love it.

Buffy and Xander friendship is always of the good and that was a beautiful scene. The scooby stuff is what I'm always up for and this was a classic Scooby Moment.

I'm full of the love right now, so I won't get into what I didn't like. Maybe because I accidently taped over the last two episodes, that accounts for my good view on BtVS.

But AtS has kicked its ass. Hard. But what else can a show with Wesley in it do? *g*

On an unrelated note, just when will I not need the lj FAQ for remembering how to do cut tags? It's pretty damn sad.

Fic on the stove, currently bubbling and boiling:


[current title] Making of a Hero: the Unauthorized Study of a Man on the Edge and Why He Does Not Understand the Why
set after AtS "Home." Wesley knows that there's a reason why he's become the man he is today. He just can't figure it out. Minor Wesley/Lilah angst.

in medias res
My possibly epic dark Buffy fic with a lot of Buffy/Spike (which will be a first) and a lot of evil goodness. I'm working on the plot as it's extremely plot heavy. It's spun off of early S7 and looks to be what I'm going to working on for the summer.


Alma redemptoris
A dark Lana fic. Yes, I do not like Lana. But, I like to give myself a challenge. So far, it's a challenge. It's the burn muffins in the oven, I need to some major overhauling or possibly start from scratch.

So, only 3 fics, but it's still a lot of work. I won't even mention X2 fic ideas because that is a path I must resist. I must resist it like the mist.

Naughty, naughty mist.
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