I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

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paella on a stick

Talking to jennem is always fun, especially when I can mock her with my delicious food. Indeed, today has been a cooking day, something which I use for relaxation.

Although I tend to get enraged partway through cooking pastitsio, because my damn white sauce never thickens as thick as it should be. Grr. But despite that, it came out lovely and was verra good.

I also made dessert, Raspberry Shortbread Bars, a recipe I posted on mmm_cooking. It's pretty easy to make and makes the subscription to Food and Wine worthwhile.

The latest issue has a pretty neat idea for shrimp and chorizo kebabs, and I have to try it soon. It'll be like paella on a stick if I make Spanish rice to go with it.
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