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Seeing The Matrix: Reloaded tomorrow. A bit spoiled, a bit wary, but I don't care! I go in with no expectations, no one gets hurt!

Okay, so I called The Temp Agency today to make sure it's cool if I swing by with my social security card. And while I was making the arrangements to go down tomorrow, she asked me if I can work on Sunday.

Note - because I'm an idiot, I haven't quite Hellish Weekend Job yet.

So, I try to say nicely that I'm working that night when she tells me it's only 12-3. That's cool I can do that.

So guess what I'm gonna be on Sunday? A photographer's assistant. Heh. For college graduation pics. Of course, not at my college, it's at a local SUNY one, but still, it's pretty cool. I have no idea what I'll be doing, but I can pretend that I do.

I'm good at that.


Tonight is my last free night! Tomorrow, I see a movie, set up my temping jobs, and quit Hellish Job and hopefully won't have to work an extra weekend for them.

nariya is coming back up to the N to J to the uh, N to the Y, to the LI. Or something. It just means that I'm going to be stalking her all. the. time. I'm so happy.

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