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don't discriminate against white light

Fucking lj ate my entry. I'm sending Vader to force-choke the motherfucker.

Okay, where was I?

Oh yes. I smell like beer. Not because I went on a bender, but because I had to recycle beer bottles. 98 bottles of beer. No, really!

I spilled some beer right down my arm and it leaked into my jacket. Yuck.

Today was a nice cold day. I enjoy cold summer days. But now my jacket smells like I was out acting like a barfly. Boo.

Let me just say I was so relieved that I was finaly about to post The Philosophy of Breathing. If I had to read it again for editing purposes, I was going to poke my eyes out. I need to write something easier next time, something mindless and fun. That fic took an insanely long time to write and I could have kept on tinkering with it, but I had to stop myself, so as to preserve some shred of sanity.

I'm stocking up for the winter, you see.

Now, what did I want to post? Yes, I remember. doyle_sb4 bought the latest atrocitytie-in BtVS novel. Apparently it's the most awesomely bad thing ever. It says Buffy, Angel and Spike are 'soulmates'.

I'd post more about it, but I don't want spoilerphobes to come after me with pitchforks. And I don't consider the above a spoiler, as clearly, B/A/S was the greatest OTP evah.

Oh, and there's some comments about the novelization of Revenge of the Sith, which is awesomely gay. Yes, even gayer that Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan Kenobi.

By the by, as I've been reading QUITE A BIT the last few weeks, let me give ya a rec. If you loved American Gods, try to get LEGENDS II from your library. (Edited by Robert Silverberg</i>. Neil Gaiman's follow-up short story, Monarch of the Glen is included in the anthology. It's fantastic, really.

Plus, I was extremely giddy because my guess about Shadow's real name turned out to be true. Awesome!

Tomorry, I am to go into the city. I want to go run amock with someone, possibly for lunch. I am currently amockless. See my sadclownface. :-(
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