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So, how was YOUR weekend?

Mine, mine was fine. Rather okay. In fact, it was enjoyable, bizarre, and I bought two pairs of shoes.

I assisted some photographers on Sunday. Which was both neat and different, although my job consisted of stopping people and telling them where to stand and to smile for the camera.

It was at a college graduation which was sort of neat, but also strange, as it turns out two people I graduated high school with were also there. One was this girl who graduated with my senior class but was a year younger than us because she wanted to graduate a year early. I, well to be honest, I never really tried to be particulary kind to her, but then I rarely saw her and barely knew her.

She, for some strange reason and curse that everyone I went to school and recognizes me despite the fact that I attempted to spend my first three years of high school being mostly wallpaper, knew who I was but we didn't have much time to catch up, since, y'know, we have only so much time to catch these graduates and take their dazed and smiling pictures.

The other was an old, and rather stupid, fleeting crush, who I didn't recognize until he looked at me a bit too long. And by the time I realized who it was, I had enough time to say, "hi" and that's it. Such a fascinating life I lead. Almost, *almost* as fascinating as watching paint dry.

Watching "Fear, Itself" on FX, I cannot believe how cute Willow/Oz are. Joan of Arc! God! God is like, the best costume ever.

Xander: I could have been God.

Oz: Blasphemer.

Man, I forgot how many eps I loved in S4.)

BtVS finale tomorrow. I am spoiled, but I'm going in with no expectations. Just an ending. Which should be sad or something, but I guess I don't feel like BtVS is ending. The fandom at least. I know personally I have several fics I've been wanting to write, but simply haven't had the time.

Besides, if there's anything that Farscape has told me, just because there aren't any new eps, doesn't mean it's over.

I am becoming more and more addicted to X-Men fic. It is a curse I blame mostly on purple_smurf but especially torchthisnow. Evil girls.

Saw The Matrix: Reloaded on Friday. My brain still hurts. I may have to see it a second time, however some of the CGI was just messy. I believe in less is more, if it becomes *painfully* clear that we are not seeing people, but we are seeing CGI Men Now Fighting! then it's time to dial it back.

I am currently madly involved in perhaps one of the more difficult fics I've had to write, Verity, which for some strange reason is being developed so damn slowly. It's a Wesley fic, which I usually don't have trouble with, but it's just not done yet, at 8 pages, I feel like I can go on for nearly double that amount. Stupid, sexy Wesley.

That's all for now. Perhaps I'll be interesting next time. ;-)

[edited because I cannot spell. And yes, I am an English major.]
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