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Writing meta about your own fanfic can be hard sometimes. I try to answer something point-blank and I just waver all over the place. Argh, I wanted to finish answering questions jazzypom left in my lj and I'm still not done yet. Bah.

Today was Father's Day and as such, I watched the U.S. Open and made dinner. Cirtus chicken, wild mushroom ragout, garlic and rosemary potatoes, and fresh stringbeans.

I had also picked up Edy's Light Butter Pecan ice cream at the store and holy crap, it is good. I like it more than the original Butter Pecan.

Watching the U.S Open was okay. My dad's really into golf and I've sort of learned by osmosis. It was pretty exciting (for golf that is) as the winner, Michael Campbell is only the second New Zealander to ever win a major.

Plus, I had Assassination Vacation to reread, so I was all set.

QaF tonight was...okay. I have been ruined from taking any Justin scene seriously because of the :-/ face. He does it all the time! Damn those who pointed it out - now that's all I see.
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