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Sims 2

Oh, god, we have Sims 2 now.

You might not be hearing from me for a while.

Oh wait, you will hear from me because GRRRR there's something wrong with it. Everytime I start it up it eventually freezes, and I get this warning: "The graphic adapter in this system experienced an internal error. Please contact your grapics adapter manufacturer for technical support."

Okay my Sims 2 players, WTF does that mean? I am the worst tech person in the entire world, seriously, and I think I'd get more help than from going online or calling support being as I am EXTREMELY stressed because my mom and sister are driving me crazy. My sister most of all, considering it's really 'her' game and yet she doesn't know what to do.

I swear to god after five hours of "WAIT I KNOW HOW...OH WAIT, I FORGET. Sorry I'm forgetful, don't get all annoyed!" I am ready to start kicking things.

So what should I do?

Please, please help.

I am going mad.
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