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OMG Pizza Delivery Colbert!

Job interview tomorrow morning. Ack.

Wish me luck?

The Daily Show tonight made me glow in joy. Glow, I tell you! Oh, it was just wonderful, really it was. Yeah, the crowd was a bit too applause-happy, however the meat of the show was delicious. As delicious, as Taft would say, as Beefsteak (Ref. America: The Book).

So the Sims 2 game is sorta working now. I have two families of three, although I still find the knowledge Sims to be little bitches if things don't go their way. The romance Sims have been a little easier to manage. The fortune Sim I have is no longer depressed as I've given him a job and since I totally use the money cheat, I can usually buy him whatever he wants so he'll be in a great mood.

What's really funny is that my two knowledge Teen Sims are doing the worst in school. The Romance Sim has an A+ and the other two are struggling and BECAUSE they're struggling, they're very pissy and don't want to do their homework. I'm working on that issue.

I also really like building houses and decorating which is realyl frikkin' funny consiidering how my room is so very Spartan. The first house I modified looks wacky because of little mistake in building a second floor, but I'm keeping them, they're like little scars of victory.

Right, it's time for bed. I want to write some fic over the weekend, I think I'm force myself to finish a drabble series/idea, so that's that.
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