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in which I ramble about HBP and try to mash out things

I need to sleep but my body doesn't want to go to sleep. Evil body.

HBP Spoilers. So I think I'll need to reread the book before any kind of real decision. There have been reactions sure, I'm a little pissed that Remus/Tonks was just so blah. Or rather, that Tonks was so blah, her personality was completely drained out of her.

Plus I keep on wanting to shout, "You've only known him for a fucking year, he's not the most intimate of people, chill the fuck out." That Tonks takes it a "MARRY ME REMUS" level at the hospital wing is what bothers me the most. I can't grasp it and now I struggle to fanwank how the heck that came to be.

Dear J.K. Rowling:

Please don't kill Remus off in book 7 now that he's on his way to having some small smattering of love and affection in his life.


P.S. Remus was totally mourning Sirius and all the horrid shit he's seen undercover at the eeeeevil werewolf convention.

Remus having to hang around the fucker that bit him is fucked up, yo. Plus, he can't really DO anything about it, he's just spying. And if Snape knows about that, his cover is so blown so he needs to stop with the sekrit life because I don't want him to die.

His destiny is killing that fucker Wormtail. *nods head firmly*

See, there's so much that I truly did like and enjoy and I'm all stuck on this one litte detail because it sits so badly with me. I'm not at all like OMG I shall never write R/S again because dude...fanfic. Slash. Slash and canon rarely have been bedmates, it's not that surprising. Heck, Sirius is dead and Remus having someone else is fine, it's just that it feels like it was handled badly. Perhaps if I reread, I'll feel better about it, yet at the moment, I'm more...irritated.

Everyone has to hook up because Dumbledore would have wanted that? NO, please no references to that horrid notion of matchmaker!Dumbledore. It makes my soul cry.

I could say something about Snape, and here it is: SNAPE. You have so many sides you're playing, only I don't know if you're a Braca type or a Scorpius type. You're reading like Scorpy to me and the "shoot me and leave my rotting body, no bury me" plan of S4. Crafty.

I admire how you compartmentalize your duplicity Mr. Snape, as crazy Noranti once said. I just wonder how far you're willing to go. And if you're going to willingly give up your life for Harry's or if it'll be an accidental sacrifice.

Remus's reaction at Snape turning their backs on them was interesting. He was so SURE that Dumbledore was always right - I wonder if it brought back further agruments, about Sirius staying at Grimmauld, about having to spy with the werewolves. Hmm. I think he was distraught about the realization that his faith, so fragile, something he doles out in small measures, was so strong in Dumbledore and by the end of book six, it's been shattered.

Also, someone needs to find the rope made of nonexistent things (the footfalls of cats, the beards of women) and bind up Fenrir's mouth. He's taken a liking to human flesh...*shudder.*

Although being able to transfer 'wolfish' characteristics to Bill strikes me as a little dumb. We're given no indication that Remus had any wolf-y traits when it's not a full moon so why would Bill get some wolf transference? Does that mean that indeed, Remus struggles with the Wolf side of him when it's not a full moon?

If so? I say *gakk.*

In my alternate universe, Sirius is happily pretending to be an amnesiatic in a world where a cure was found and Remus is whole and happy. Remus tries not to question why Sirius remembers nothing about the battle on the dais with Wormtail or how he managed to come back. Lily knows, but she can't imagine Sirius ever going back to that place, the one where she and James are dead and poor Harry is all alone.

Of course he isn't. Ron and Hermione will follow him. But oh, Harry. You are so becoming like Buffy at the end of Becoming II. What's left, m'boy? You. Always you.
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