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Why did no one tell me that the Outlander series is fucking hilarious?

So that's where I've been, on a whim I went to the library and picked up Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber, mostly because I'd heard about the books before (but praised as a romance! pah! can you not see the hilarity mixed in with the gore, sex, and angst?) and well, I had nothing better to do. That was on Saturday, in the afternoon. It's Tuesday and I just finished The Fiery Cross. Goddamn. Hysterical, y'all.

Sure I might be pissed at what happened to my favorite character (and no, it's not Jamie), but it was a nice read although my eyes would sometimes glaze over when Claire Knew Everything And Had to Explain It All For Many, Many Pages.

I had also picked up Freakanomics, which I'd skimmed while at the HP Midnight Madness party, but mostly just to finish it out of curiousity. I found some of the points made in the book a trifle annoying, the wording of it grates sometimes. (Such as the fact that the chapter on teachers cheating refers to all teachers as 'she.')

I've been sick as well, which is always fantastic. My voice varies between completely cracked and barely human. I had really wanted to call in sick today, but there's no way to do that, I've barely worked there two weeks.

To those lovely folk who have left feedback on my latest fic: I thank you and I will reply to each and every comment, when I'm not completely exhausted.

As of this moment, I'm fighting the sleepiness with the hilarity of Gabaldon's novels.
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