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Mmm...meme-y goodness.

Gakked from the friend's list:

Spell your first name backwards? - Elocin

The story behind your lj user name? - Boring story. Took the name from one of my original characters. I was obviously messing around with the word "regal" to get Regala and, this was before I devoted myself to reading greek mythology, I thought I made up the word Electra from the word electricity. However, it's a character from a greek myth. And the term "Electra complex?" Soooo pulled out of Freud's ass.

Are you a lesbian? - At the end of the day, I need a little meat in my sandwich. Comprende?

Where do you live? - New York. (sighs) Long Island. I'll be moving the fuck out in a year or so, into the city.

How many people have you blown that you then didn't fuck? - None

Describe your CD in stereo right now? - Rent CD. Eminem CD, "The Marshall Mathers LP." My Spanish dance mix. My techno/dance mix.

Tattoos? - None. And never, I don't even have my ears pierced.

What you are wearing now? My NY&Co black tee, slinky black sleeping pants, and socks (black). Hey, I was wearing my purple pants and my striped white & purple shirt today, so I do wear colors other than black.

Cologne/Perfume? - Vera Wang. I like it a lot. I also wear a coconut body spray, but not today.

Hair? - Strawberry blonde. Not blonde. Not red. Something in between.

Who or What (was/is/are):

In my mouth? - Baskin Robins' Pralines 'N Cream hard candy.

In my heart? - My family, my friends, RL and 'net ones alike.

The most important thing on my hard drive? - My fic, fan and orignal.

The most important thing on the web? - lj, TwoP, AIM, fanfic sites.

Three of your favorite movies? - Unfair! How can I choose? Okay, Lord of the Rings (I know I'm going to love Part 3), The Breakfast Club, and Heathers.

The last thing you ate? - a bit of a greek salad, pita, and some gyro meat.

Your favourite sandwich? - I'm very easy to please. Ham, oven roasted turkey, thin sliced swiss, on rye or whole wheat or grain, with lettuce, italian dressing and spicy brown mustard. Side of pickle is a must. I can take or leave tomatoes.

What do you want done with your body when you die? - I hate thinking about that. I'd probably be cremated. Only, I don't want my ashes kept in a jar, because I've always thought it sort of odd. Maybe have them scattered somewhere. Dunno where yet.

Who is your worst enemy? Myself. Trite, but true.

Ever been to Belgium? Heh. Yes. Brussels. Basically, I spent time in the airport.

Ever been to Belize? - Nope.

Can you eat with chopsticks? - Yes. If I want to eat a single grain of rice at a time.

What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to? - Madrid, Spain. New York City, New York.
London, England. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sevilla, Spain.

What's something that you wish people would understand? - The only way to avoid falling into patterns is by understanding the patterns, inside and out. And that making mistakes is not the end of the world, even if feels like it.

What is something you're pretty sure you don't understand? - How people can be so secure in their faiths that they can commit crimes and rationalize it, ie religious fundamentalism. I don't understand people who are extremely religious. I understand spirituality, but not being uber-religious.

3 most obscure fic kinks? - Messy Buffy/Angel hot!nasty!smuttynness where it's clear that they are both fucked (dark post-Apocalypse stuff makes my day) and together not by happy circumstances (hisses at the ginormous B/A happily-ever-after/marriage/baby fics found all over the 'net), dark Wesley/Lilah with a focus on scars, emotional and physical, and John Crichton/anyone where he's obsessing over wormholes and doesn't really care about the person he's fucking.

Now that I think about it, those really aren't that obscure huh?

The genre character you would sell your beloved to fuck? I love you Angel, I do. I love you Wesley, even more. I love you Logan, you old bastard. But John Crichton? Hell yeah, baby. For a piece of that action, I'd not only sell my beloved, I'd throw in the kitchen sink!

Kita's meme:

Writer you most wish wrote your genre or OTP - torchthisnow writing Wesley/Lilah would make my day. I also believe she'd be AMAZING if she wrote Farscape fic, only because John/Aeryn is so the best OTP evah. ;-)

Writer you did a dance of joy when you got feedback from - Margot Le Faye and kita0610 and tangofic. Margot, because she is The Name all B/A writers come to know and worship and Kita, because, Kita rocks. And because there is no greater story than "Equinox" which I still read to this day and go "oooh." tangofic is just one cool lady all around.

Writer you would read pretty much anything they wrote - torchthisnow. SV, X2, BtVS/AtS, I've read "Firefly" stuff from this girl and I didn't even watch the show. You know why? Because she fucking rules, man.

Writer you admire from afar/would love to get feedback from - I admire and luuuuurve jennyo because she writes the best Lilah evah and has such a wonderful grasp on the characters of AtS and BtVS. I think thete1 is brilliant, yo.

Writer you most miss in fandom - Harpy, because I wanted to see how "Letters from my Father" would have ended. Ducks, because hers was pretty much my first fanfic in my first little corner of the fandom, although my tastes and preferences have expanded. I miss maayan's Farscape stories, but then, I miss Farscape in general, so it's all tied up in that.

Writer(s) who have most influenced your style in some way - Easily kita06010, maayan, and jennyo, who are brilliant, brilliant writers. trixiefirecra makes me want to make my characterizations bleed just a fraction as well as hers do, while torchthisnow inspires me to write sentences that snap and sizzle just as vividly as hers do.

Writer you most want to meet and chat fic with - torchthisnow and trixiefirecra

Writer you most want to meet and chat smut with - torchthisnow. Because I think she'd be blushing even more than me and that's rather adorable. I'd love to meet up with tangofic and indiefic because I'm fascinated how they can create such wonderful smut.

And finally, along the "bulletproof kink" (TM Te) lines, story that still turns you on no matter how many times you read it- "Sleep While I Drive" by seperis because the Clex? Is so damn hot. Harpy's "Letters to Whislter," "Letters From Ireland," and "Buffy's Diary" are pitch-perfect early B/A fic that's both character-heavy and so smutty and hot, I still go "guh" while reading it. "The Fine Art of Erotic Talk" by Ducks is a great PWP that is ever so naughty and nice, while "Nooner," a Angel/Spike/Buffy/Faith smut piece is so freakin' hot and so freakin' right. Is there any reason for them to be fucking other than that they are so hot? No, and I don't really care. Mmm...Angel and Spike and Buffy and Faith. Too much sexy.

I'll save the Great Goat Story for later and hopefully I'll finish my Wesley fic (which is both Wesley/Lilah and Angel/Wesley) by tomorrow.
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