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seriously you will not find a vein there

You know, here's a simple question:

Why don't they believe me when I tell them it's hard to find a vein?

I had an MRI scan (uh, nothing too serious, just following up on a little problem with my left eye) today and when they got to the part where they had to inject me with stuff, I warned them that it's REALLY hard to find a vein.

To which the technician said, in an uber confident tone, "Oh don't worry, we'll find one."

Well, having someone moving a FUCKING NEEDLE around in my arm is not what I call fun. Goddammit, my veins are small and deep. I can never become an IV drug user, I explained this to your ass. No, you can't even LOOK at my left arm, you can only take blood/inject me in my right arm. Dude, I'm serious.

Argh, but they started with my fucking left arm. Then moved onto my right. Moving the needle around which fucking hurt.

I didn't start disliking needles until I had to get prodded by them, it's just so unpleasant watching a nurse pinching at your body and watching their facial expression of 'holy fuck, this is going to be difficult.'

Finally, they got a very small butterfly needle and injected me in my right hand. Which bloody hurt of course.

And then the dumbass technician started to move me back into the MRI scan WHILE I WAS STILL BEING INJECTED. The nurse had to get him to stop and OW. Motherfucker.

Getting the MRI scan? Not that scary, although I wished I was warned about the noise, because I'm not claustrophobic, but I do have issues about long unending noises.
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