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"She sat like paitence on a monument / smiling at grief"

Actually, that quote doesn't apply to me at all.

I'l really enjoying work. Is it hard? Yes. Do I like crunching numbers and staring at a computer program I barely understand? No. Do I make mistakes and do I have a lot to learn? Yes.

But, it is completely worth it. Eight hours a day, five days a week, and I'll be able to quit my old job. And [gasp!] have my weekends off. I haven't had a free weekend in two years.

I also just got back my grades for this semester:

Writing about Society - A
Chaucer - A-
S/T: Renaissance Literature - A
Shakespeare II - A
Indians of North America - A-

Not bad. Considering all the translation quizes I bombed in my Chaucer class, and how freakin' hard the final was, I'm very pleased. While I like that professor, she's a complete hardass and I'd have to get perfect scores on everything in order to get an A. And in her class? That ain't happening.

As for the Indians of N. America course, well, considering I missed over half the classes, didn't finish reading all the literature for the course, and studied for the final two hours before it started, I've very pleased. I was considering double-majoring in antropology, however it's far too intense for me to handle and I'd need way too many credits - credits I can't get in only two years left of school.

Considering how much I *hated* the Writing about Society class and how many times I was just hoping for a B, I'm really grateful and rather surprised about the A.

My GPA this semester is 3.880. And what's even better, it boosts my cumulative to a 3.5, which has been on the rise since my first semester, where I very nearly failed a class and nearly lost my scholarship. So this is all of the good.

Next semester I'm taking:

The English Novel in the 19th Century
18th Century Literature
S/T: Archaeology of Mesoamerica
Art Seminar
Art Classical Antiquity

I'm probably going to drop the archaeology class and try to do an independent study for my English major; I only need one more credit to have my major completed.

And tomorrow, I'm leaving on a train. Leaving on a train to...NYC! Gonna hang out with my nariya. *g*
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