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I have been like a busy bee only not that busy and more busy in the Office Space sense of streeeeetching time out and trying to figure out how the help I'm supposed to do certain things when I haven't been trained to do them.

I do celebrate Michael Bolton's entire catalogue though and will someday own a precious red swingline stapler. Okay, I watch movies too many times.

So it's the usual.

Oh, and I got myself into years of debt with the purchase of a car. A new car. Like a 2006 car. That I really, really wanted. OMG so much debt. I can't even think about it without twitching. The car rides excellent though. Plus I don't have to play the "will Reg drive herself to work today?" game which sucked ever so much.

(And it's really PRETTY. ignited? The color? Is called Phantom Grey. This amuses me too much. It is angsty and pretty and only wants to be loooooved!)

I am trying to write fanfic but I am just so darn tired. I managed a ficlet of Lilah/Wes this week and even that drained me. And a2zmom has challenged me to write B/A, happy ending earned fairly, that evil wh0r jennem is requesting Nip/Tuck fic or a B/A and J/S crossover fic and I have HP fic deadlines coming up.

Of course I sign up for the IWRY month of B/A fics. Of course. But, I do really want to do that. I am just worked about sucking in the bad.

Er, I think I'll go lie down now.

I am going to the city tomorrow for a day at the museum of natural history, where I will bore my little sister as I spazz out over dinosaurs. I fucking love dinosaurs. And exhibits. Fucking love it pieces, man.

For those who might want to contact me, I'm totally reachable by cell phone.

I miss you all. *hugs teh internet friends*

I use this icon because I don't have a "go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney" icon and I find that to still be freakin' hilarious.
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