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meme because jennem hates me

I was tagged by jennem because she hates me.

Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts.

01. I am dyslexic but had excellent special education in my early years and was encouraged to read. But because of this, I cannot understand what you're saying to me if you spell it out to me when speaking. If I'm extremely tired, my brain will do a weird switchy thing with letters and I'll stare at a word and be, "that's not right."
02. I've needed glasses since I've been in the fourth grade. I now wear contacts mostly, except for at night. My eyes are sucktastic and I long for the day when I can get the laser surgery, although I'm afraid it'll turn out you go blind years down the road and that would piss me off immensely.
03. I love to swim but I haven't done so for about five years because I don't like being outside in the sun and I hate how I look in a bathing suit.
04. I have about five alarm times set up on my cell and alarm clock to wake me up in the morning because I'm a 'snoozer.'
05. I believe Trader Joe's is the best grocery store ever because I can always find a Random food item I can't find anywhere else and the saffron there is not only freakin' cheap, it's excellent quality.
06. People say that I'm tall but I never really feel that way. I don't think I'm really all that tall. I'm only 5'11", people.
07. However I hate it when my bosses are shorter that me and I tower over them. It's just weird and I had to deal with that during middle school when I was barely in my teens and was a half foot or more taller that some of my teachers.
08. I get really pissy when shopping which is why I prefer do shop by myself. I shop with a directive: getting shit that fits and I like and walking out of the store with a purchase in hand. I don't dither about.
09. When I organize things, I can never find them, which is why it's better for me to leave random piles of stuff lying around because then I remember where it is, except for fic, which I have to keep organized or I'll never get it done.
10. I cried for several hours when the stylist fucked up and accidently chopped a chunk of hair off and I had to have a shoulder-length hair cut. I have never had my hair shorter than mid-shoulder since.
11. I always hold my breath and cross myself when passing by a cementary. Despite the fact that I am not a practicing Catholic and am pretty much agnostic.
12. I will never go out of the house without mascara on. This is because my eyelashes are blonde, blonde, blonde even though my hair is reddish (strawberry blone).
13. I'm very particular about cooking. I don't like 'suggestions' when I'm cooking. I don't like snarky comments. I tend to kick people out of the kitchen. But I need to know if pepole like the food otherwise I get all depressed and emo and shit.
14. I don't get thongs. I've heard the theories, heck, I still haven't the heart to throw out my couple of pairs, but they are so FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE.
15. Some people organize their library using a system that makes sense. I set up my books by another system - "authors who probably would have hated or disagreed with one another." That's why my His Dark Materials are next to Chronicles of Narnia.
16. I love buying candles but not only do I never use them, I barely have a sense of smell so I can't enjoy the scented ones. Yet the ones I only buy? Scented.
17. I curse a whole fuckin' lot.
18. I carry way too many pens in my purse.
19. Bad 80's movies are the best thing ever. Especially if they're teen flicks.
20. I am very tired right now so there is no twenty.

No one gets tagged by me because my soul has been torn away and I'm about to go put on some eyeliner and leather pants and prepare to suck the world into hell.
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