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I feel so guilty that I am so completely bored by this documentary on Puerto Rico airing on PBS right now. Maybe because I was all excited because I was hoping for more cultural information and it's mostly politics.

The major problem is that my family, my ancestors, their lives, how can I put it? Their lives didn't suck once the U.S. took over. Which I almost feel guilty about admitting. My family's history had difficult times, but not terribly so, in fact most of my Puero Rican relatives are upper class now. So it's just...

I'm not making sense. Just thoughts.

I've been thinking of going to Puerto Rico for my 23rd birthday. I've never been there.

I have 'cousins' who live there, in the sense that they're cousins separated by several generations, it's a pretty large family, on both sides, the Cuevas and my surname's family. I don't know that side, my last name's family all that well because my grandfather died when my dad was only eight. And I've had a rocky relationship with my grandmother, but I do know the stories of her family quite well. It's odd to have a last name and not really know all I can about the family, I know that a lot of my relatives in Puerto Rico are professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, and well known in their town, but that's not really knowing anything but the old stories of the family.

Hell, according to one old story, two of my ancestors made it to Puerto Rico to hide out because they were Jewish, the old sooper sekrit Jews story that remains an odd part of some histories of Hispanic families.

I am rambling about nothing that anyone cares about. Sorry.

I have never been to a Puerto Rican day parade. I walked across a St. Patrick's Day parade to go to a museum.

Also? Hi.

I have been getting my dad hooked on Nip/Tuck. He's already on S2, he might actually be all caught up by the season premiere.
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