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nip tuck and a poem

Dear god, I get home late sometimes. And then I get tired and I twitch when I think of going online but I did today because I wasn't twitchy because hullo, I just finished Anansi Boys and am in a chipper mood.

So hallo my lj world! I have fingers bandaged from carrying around sharp metal lighting fixtures which have taken me three days to ship to London because I keep on getting an asshat UPS guy following me around to differing mailing centers and giving out wrong information on how to ship to London when I bloody well know that FedEx prepares the damn commerical invoices.

But I was finally able to get it sent out so it will all be good and the mailing center better not fuck me over, because I just sent out lighting fixtures worth more than my bank account.

I missed the S3 premiere of Arrested Development and will give money or strip or do anything for a tape of it.

Nip/Tuck's premiere was good, but not as awesome as I hoped, mainly because I was hoping Christian was more damaged. His reveal of being raped wasn't a surprise, but I was really surprised that his face wasn't cut.

I will be very annoyed if the new doctor turns out to be the Carver. It's too fucking obvious.

Also, I see that many moons ago, people were posting poems in their ljs.

When you see this, post a poem in your LJ.

Ending by Monica Youn

Freshwater stunned the beaches. I could sleep.
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