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One Beta.

Must like Wesley. Will be willing to read a 15 page fic [Mircosoft Word], 6400 words. Will be happy to do just a quick grammar check and see if the fic doesn't suck.

Must not mind slash, het, and an obsession with Wes and guns. Nor the fact that the story has three endings.

Will be offered cookies, love, and um...stuff for this work.

Writer will be very grateful. And may even write another fic to show gratefulness. Said writer is basically insane.

So, in other words, I think I finally finished the Wes!fic, thank goodness. I can now go onto my Farscape drabble idea which will probably be overly long and overwroght and not the comic little tale I had in mind.

I just rilly, rilly need a quick beta. [Bats eyelashes] Please?

Yes, I'm being silly. I also quit my old, stupid job. I think I'll have one more weekend there.

Will post more on why hanging out with nariya is the coolest thing evah, why lemons will suffer my wrath of sugar-sweet fluffy extra shippy episodes of Farscape, and why me and Nar had to travel through time in order to get a meal.

I promise, the stories are funny, interesting, and not at all insane.
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