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"Don't get me started on judgmental fish."

Cookie to the person who can place that quote.

How is it that I come home bonetired from work and have to listen to snark from the family because I wasn't out cleaning the freakin' garage? Damn, just because I'm not toiling outside doesn't mean that I'm not working my ass off.

So work is work is work. Boring for others to read.

And tonight is The Amazing Race and Nip/Tuck which is not boring. Especially Nip/Tuck.

I'm about to totally lose any cred by admitting that I have indeed created Nip/Tuck Sims. So far I have the Troy Family: Christian, Kimber, Gina and Gabriel (Wilbur). Christian is a romance Sim and every time any Sim walks by him, they swoon. Hee. I also built a McNamara family of Julia, Sean, Matt, and Annie, but I got bored because I couldn't bear to make Matt look as Michael Jackson-y as he actually does.

And yes, I made Ava Moore and her son, Adrian. But I haven't had any real time to play them. Plus I've got all these other families I'm more interested in. But it's amusing to see Nip/Tuck characters strolling around the community lots, when I have a chance to play, which is about once a week.

Don't judge me, just because I had this second glass of wine. Damn fish.
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